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How a Tiny Fitness Club Doubled Their Revenue With Direct Mail

I just wanted to share this story about a small gym in Cleveland, Ohio that used direct mail marketing to double their revenue in just one month. They did a few things that we advise our customers to do at MSI, and you’re about to discover how well it worked out for them.

The Direct Mail Campaign that Made it Happen

The first thing this gym did is hire a professional copywriter and marketing strategist to create the offer and to write the direct mail pieces. That was a smart idea. Most business owners aren’t as good at marketing as they think they are. Sure, they can get clients, but they can’t always create a strategy that turns something like a direct mail marketing campaign into a steady stream of leads and sales.

This copywriter and marketing strategist did more than just write a piece of good copy. He got on the phone with the person who took the incoming calls from prospective customers. He found out the primary objections and concerns of new customers. He also did some digging and found out that the gym’s customers were 80% women.

With this in mind, he persuaded the gym owner to target women in the campaign, narrowing the list size down to less than half its original size. Next, the copywriter and the designer brainstormed a four step mailing that looked like this:

1.       The first mailing announced the offer.

2.       The second mailing went only to the people who didn’t’ buy the first time. It also added a few new incentives

3.       The third mailing went to the remaining customers who had not yet responded, warning them that the offer was about to expire and they needed to respond right away.

4.       The fourth mailing went to the customers who STILL hadn’t bought. It let them know that the promotion was over, but it invited them to come into the gym at any time for one free workout with a personal trainer.

Next, the gym put four of their very best sales people on the job of answering the incoming calls from the direct mail campaign. They purposely overstaffed themselves to make sure ALL the phone calls were answered promptly and that no opportunities were missed. Then, they added TWO upsell offers, one which was made to the customer on their initial phone call, and another that would be announced during the first class which the new customers were attending.

Finally, they started awarding credits to the customers for every class they attended. Rewards which they could use to buy things like movie tickets and gift certificates. So the customers were being rewarded for USING what they had bought. The result was a near doubling of their class sizes. They also pulled in twice the monthly revenue they had pulled in during that same month in the previous year.

Best of all, since the customers had signed up for classes which would last several weeks, the instructors had plenty of time to build relationships with the new customers and ensure a good retention and renewal rate.

That’s EVERYTHING you need to create a great marketing campaign. They had a strategy for connecting, making sales, increasing the value per sale and for encouraging repeat business and loyalty. There are a ton of these direct mail marketing success stories being created right now by businesses who understand how to turn a simple mailing into a long term strategy for success.

What could direct mail marketing do for your business? The only way to find out is to get your direct mail campaign started. Call MSI right now…the next success story could be yours.

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