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Fulfillment at MSI – A Complete Package

Did you know that MSI offers Full Service Fulfillment? MSI can manage your Fulfillment service with the same high quality and excellent customer service that we provide to all our customers. Let me introduce you to Gentry Jones, our Fulfillment Manager:

Gentry started his working career as a professional guitarist in Memphis, Tennessee right after he graduated from college. He played on stage with Al Green, BB King, Isaac Hayes and many other renowned artists. In 1971, Gentry settled down to raise a family and foster a career in the distribution industry. He came to California in 1998 and managed the fulfillment operations at Fortune 800 in El Dorado Hills, where he first started working with Live Nation. At that time, Live Nation was called Signatures Network.

Gentry came to MSI in early 2010 and brought with him fulfillment clients such as the Nevada County Commission on Tourism and Live Nation, the world’s leading live entertainment and e-commerce company. Gentry manages all aspects of our fulfillment operation, which includes storage and warehousing, inventory control, pick and pack services and shipping.

fullfilment Over the years, Gentry has seen and shipped just about everything but the kitchen sink, and I would not be surprised if sinks made it into the mix. I toured the plant recently and was able to see the variety of items that ship out every day from our 29,000 square foot capacity storage and packaging facility. Live nation accounts for a large piece of the business right now, but there are also many smaller businesses that make up the client base.
KISS Bolwing BallSome of the more interesting items that ship are from Live Nation. That is the opinion of this rock and roller from the graduating class of 1975. V.I.P packages are shipped out to the fans of rock and roll bands through MSI’s contract with Live Nation. Packets typically contain items such as gift bags, T-shirts, CDs, posters and lanyards. This year has been particularly busy as Bob Seger is touring again and there are a lot of Silver Bullet fans that want sentimental memorabilia. Yes, classic rock and rollers are very good for the fulfillment business. By far the most interesting shipment Gentry told me about were the “KISS” bowling balls that were shipped as part of the e-commerce portion of Live Nation’s contract with MSI. Can you imagine 100 of those in your delivery truck?

Whether you have a new product that needs a distribution outlet or you are an established e-commerce company, MSI can make your life easier and save you money with our volume discounts. Our staff is extremely conscientious and takes pride in work done well. You can trust us to get your packages where they need to be.

What Makes a Complete Package? . . . Cross Selling.

If you are considering fulfillment as part of your business plan, or are already using fulfillment, consider cross selling as part of your marketing. MSI has extensive printing capability and an experienced marketing staff that can help you develop, print and insert collateral in your packages. If you are interested, call your MSI representative or our main line at 916-631-7400 to set up an appointment with our experts in direct marketing and fulfillment.

MSI: Fulfillment – with Benefits

  • Inventors and entrepreneurs that have new products in the infantile stage of development may not have adequate storage space. Because of our large scale operation, MSI is able to offer storage at very reasonable costs.
  • MSI has the best “bulk” shipping rates available because of our volume. These savings are passed on to all our customers.
  • Our volume also allows us to offer lower shipping costs because we buy our shipping materials in bulk. Savings can amount to 50% below retail outlets.
  • MSI utilizes sophisticated software developed specifically for the task of all aspects of fulfillment and e-commerce. Our technology allows us to integrate our inventory and shipping software for a more streamlined service.

The Bare Bones of Fulfillment

Storage and warehousing: Storage of items until an order for the item comes into the system.

Inventory Control: Maintenance of inventory counts as goods are shipped.

Pick and pack: The process of selecting items currently being stored in order to prepare for shipping, and packaging of the product according to its type.

 Shipping: MSI utilizes a variety of shipping methods including UPS and the USPS in a partnership program that assures speedy delivery, or less expensive standard delivery – based on our customers’ needs.

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