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Fresh Content – The SEO Trump Card

Wondering why your website visitor traffic isn’t what it used to be?  You built a great website with keywords that target your potential customer base and you’ve launched a solid link building campaign.  Traffic to your site should be steadily increasing, but instead you’ve reached a type of plateau.

You need an infusion of fresh content to propel your site forward.  Without fresh content your site becomes stale to visitors and correspondingly stale to search engines.  In the changing world of SEO, success is driven by a great content marketing plan to keep your site current, relevant, and highly ranked.

Great Informational Content – Articles and Blog Posts

Hopefully your organization has a blog associated with your website.  A blog is a great way to provide quality informational content that not only draws in and engages your visitors but draws the attention of search engines to improve your SEO.

Blogging provides the long tail keywords that will draw a higher level of visitor to your site.  Phrases such as “comfortable women’s all season hiking boots” target consumers looking for a product for a specific purpose, a more focused group than those searching “women’s boots” for example.  Consumers using long tail keywords are statistically further along in the buying cycle than general visitors.

Blogs are updated frequently providing fresh content that draws search engines to index additional pages of your site.  The frequency of your posts is relevant to SEO too.  Sites with a regular cadence of updates rank higher than those with infrequent changes.

Articles and blogs are social media favorites.  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn love this type of fresh informational content because it gives people a reason to engage, share and comment.  Shared links, tweets, and comments all drive traffic to your site and improve your SEO ranking.

Regularly Updated Page Content

Each page of your website is ranked individually by search engines.  Fresh content on each page of your site is a powerful way to improve your SEO ranking and maintain the effectiveness of the site itself.

Search engines evaluate the changes you make to your site.  Sites are ranked not only by the percentage of fresh content but also by the importance of that content and the frequency of changes and additions.  Changing your navigation panes or adding a document for download on a sidebar is not as valuable as creating new content for the main body of a page.

Some organizations update one or two pages on a site, primarily the home page, and allow the remaining content to stagnate.  This strategy will not yield the best results.  Instead, look for ways to switch up the content on each page of your site at regular intervals.

Changing content allows you to vary the anchor text, add a variety of long tail keywords, and target different members of your target audience.  All of these factors help you optimize your page with the search engines.

A Content Management Strategy for Your Website

Fresh content is the SEO trump card leading to the consistent SEO growth that keeps your business moving forward.  The key to fresh content is implementing a targeted and defined  content management strategy.

Your content management strategy should include a plan to create new pages for your website, update main body text on existing pages, and post videos, articles and blog posts regularly.   Encourage comments on your blog posts and reply to them.  Ask for customer product reviews.

Fresh Content and Your Audience

Remember your target audience in the process of creating fresh content.  After all, driving visitors to your site is not an advantage unless they spend time reviewing the material you provide and ultimately make decisions that build revenue.  Consider the audience as a part of your content management strategy.

Make sure you provide content keeps your visitors coming back to see the latest post, article, or offering.  Use your content to establish your authority in your industry or niche.  Build trust with your target audience and establish your organization as a leader in your industry by providing content your visitors can use immediately.  This focus will drive returning traffic to your site and ultimately increase your importance to search engines and social media sites.

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