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MSI’s Director of Marketing, Ty Baisden, answers questions about SEARCH Advantage – an online
service that promotes online profiles and listings for your business, provides better online identity control and can improve your online visibility. Let’s get started:

Question: What is Search Advantage?

Ty Baisden: SEARCH Advantage can be used for local and national companies. The service helps you determine the digital search landscape appearance of your business. Your business will receive better online exposure with this service. As part of the Search Advantage service, we will set up custom profiles for your website and submit them to high traffic search engines, directories and websites. The broadest syndication possible can now be achieved once we have submitted your listing to the most important data channels.


Q: What types of listings are included in the Search Advantage service?

Ty: SEARCH Advantage includes several types of listings:

  • Verified Listing: Your business listing will be verified by many of the top websites in the network and they will validate that the listing belongs to you.
  • Quick Listing: Your basic internet listing will be on several important websites that allow Quick Listings. In about two weeks, as this broad syndication is being established, you will start seeing results and receive a report indicating where you have been listed once the process is completed.
  • Global Listing: You only have to list once in order to have a detailed, yet highly accurate business profile that will be distributed through primary data providers including Acxiom, Dun & Bradstreet and InfoUSA as well as more than 350 digital portals which include in-car searches, the internet and your mobile phone.
  • Claimed Profiles: A personal touch will be added and your visibility will be enhanced when your listing is claimed on Google, Yahoo and Bing and other high traffic websites and social media outlets.
  • Profiles Plus: You can stake claims on numerous local and social search sites like AOL, Ask, Best of the Web, Citysearch, InsiderPages, MerchantCircle, MojoPages, Yelp and many other prominent search platforms and websites.


Q: Is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service different for each service plan?

Ty: Yes, the Advanced Listing plan will have more SEO services than the Local and Local Plus plans. The Ultimate SEO plan will have the greatest amount of SEO including advanced link building.


Q: Why do I need Search Advantage if my in-house marketing manager does SEO?

Ty: This is much different than regular SEO. It would take your marketing manager several hours and days to create just the listings in our service and most marketing managers would not know where to start. Let MSI manage this for you so you can be confident that it will be done on-time and competed the right way.

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