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Envelope Options – Getting Your Prospect Mail Piece Opened

Envelope Options – Getting Your Prospect Mail Piece Opened

As you know from visiting your own mailbox, there is a lot of competition for your attention. Self-mailers (mail pieces not concealed in envelopes) have an advantage: the message is visible instantaneously, and, if the reader needs the product or service, it can earn more than a brief glance. Plain white envelopes on the other hand, are almost irresistible to open, especially if there is no name in the return address portion. We are a curious animal.

However, the plain mysterious looking white envelope can be beat. It may be worth testing your target market to find out how. Here are some ideas and products that you might consider for a future mailing to boost your open rate, and consequently your response rate.

  1. #10 Plain White Envelopes with a Twist:
    1. Give the reader just enough information to illicit curiosity - or - present a case of importance and urgency.
    2. Ink jet a message on the envelope under the return address. “Top 10 Ways to Get Your Envelope Opened.” “50% OFF Sale Ends Saturday.”
    3. Inkjet a QR Code to a mobile landing page on the envelope.
    4. Print coupons and offers on the back of the envelope.
    5. Use an envelope with an oversized display window showing partial colorful graphics and or a message eliciting curiosity. Many people will have to see the rest of the graphic if it is presented well.
  2. Colored Envelopes will stand out in the pile of primarily white mail. Colored envelopes can be a business size #10 or announcement size. Announcement envelopes are normally personal mail and this will at least get the “from” address looked at, and probably get the piece opened.
  3. Envelopes with something loose inside like a key (to enter a drawing) may be too much for the recipient to resist opening - a little secret treasure to uncover. Even a magnet which makes the envelope feel thick and substantial can “cause a pause.”
  4. Transparent envelopes allow for impact while still qualifying for the best postage rates for letter and flat size mail. Imagine a mail piece in the shape of a star fish or lounge chair enclosed in a transparent envelope. This is novel and novelty still works to grab people’s interest.

The point is to differentiate from the mass of mail that fills the boxes daily, to get your message opened. Of course, once the envelope is opened, the message needs to be clear and concise, and the offer or incentive very prominent. Opening…is just the beginning.

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