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MSI Partners with Constant Contact Email Service


MSI Marketing can now provide your business with full service email marketing. You can have MSI manage your email marketing campaign or you can manage your own email marketing campaigns by setting up an email marketing account with Constant Contact.

What is Email Marketing?

Well, there's email marketing, and then there's email marketing. No, seriously. Some people think doing an email blast is the same as email marketing, but an email blast will get your emails sent to everyone's spam folder faster than Google can change its daily search algorithms.
The best email marketing services will help you develop an email marketing campaign that will not only help you keep your emails going to the customers' in-boxes, but they'll also help you realize a greater return on your efforts as you receive more click-through rates.

Email marketing allows you to stay in touch with potential customers and helps keep current clients coming back to you for repeat business by using professional, attractive emails in a relevant manner. Effective email communication makes clients feel special and important when you keep them in the communication loop, and it helps you build stronger customer relationships. It's also a great way to compliment other marketing methods you use, increasing each marketing strategy's effectiveness.


Ramp Up Your Customer Communication

Email newsletters can be created inexpensively, they're fairly fast and easy to create, and unlike paper newsletters, you can send email newsletters more regularly. E-newsletters are a great way to make customers feel like they're getting inside information from your "news", and less likely to feel like they're getting advertisement. Thus, email newsletters are like email advertising that the customers actually crave. Almost all successful businesses use e-newsletters with their business email marketing campaigns because it also helps keep their business name fresh in the minds of the customers who want to hear from them.


Target Your Market

You can increase the impact of your email program by segmenting your email marketing list database and creating smaller lists of customers based on their demographics or their interests. You can then send more targeted and relevant messages to them for a more direct email marketing campaign. Not only are the email recipients more likely to open and read your emails, but they'll also be more likely to respond to your emails...which is the ultimate goal. Not to mention that your list is a valuable resource, and putting just a bit of thought into what emails you send to whom will help you use your resources more efficiently.


Get Customer Referrals More Often and More Easily

If you have a sale, a coupon, a special event, or just a hot new product, your loyal customers can easily forward your email newsletters to other people. Once your loyal customers' friends find your website, they can then easily get on your mailing list if you have a "Sign Up for Our Newsletter" button that's easy to find on your website. And then, of course, through regular email communications, you can add those new prospects to your growing list of loyal customers.


Get Immediate Results with Perfect Timing

Sending emails is quick and easy, and it's even easier to see almost instant results from real-time reports. Scheduling your email delivery times according to when your target audience is awake according to their time zone, and on days and times when people are known to more likely open emails will also help increase the effectiveness of your business email marketing.
Track and Analyze Who Reads or Responds to Each Email

Email marketing software allows you to see who opened your email, who clicked on a link in the email, who forwarded the email to their friends, and even who didn't open your email (so you can resend it to them). Knowing what links in your emails were clicked on, and by whom, will help you understand what interests people so you can tailor your future email content accordingly in order to further increase your response rate--and grow your business.


Save on Postage, Paper and Printer Ink

MSI can manage your email campaign or we have partnered with Constant Contact and you can sign up and manager your own email account. Constant Contact's email marketing services are affordable for any budget, and start as low as $15 per month! And there's no limit on the amount of permission-based emails you can send...send as many as you want for the same low price

Hemming and hawing won't help you grow your business. Why not get a free email marketing quote today?You can either sign up directly with Constant Contactand manage your account with them, or you can utilize MSI Marketing's expertise, and let us manage your Constant Contact email marketing campaigns.


Features of Constant Contact Email Marketing

    • Easy to use, one-click editing--no technical skills required.
    • Choose from a selection of over 400 customizable templates. There's even a selection of free HTML email templates available.
    • Tight budget, small business friendly, making email marketing accessible to all with affordable, low-priced options.
    • Free tech support and personal coaching by phone, chat, email, or with a live person, 24-7.
    • Promote your campaigns with links to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.
    • Grow your email marketing lists securely and easily with permission-based email lists.
    • Readily available social statistics let you see who shares, likes, and tweets your emails.
    • Send campaigns with an anti-spam checker helps get emails delivered to the in-box.


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