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Does Your Company Deserve the FrontPage of Google?

Of course you want to rank on the top page of Google, who wouldn’t?

Over 50% of the organic search traffic is gulped up by the top three ranking web sites. From that position, the traffic decreases exponentially. And if you’re on the second page? Forget it. You might as well be invisible.

That’s where the nifty art of search engine optimization comes in, but according to the data, search engine optimization is anything but free and it’s STILL a mystery, even to some experts.

Marketing reported that 21% of businesses who outsource SEO are with the results with the results. Of those who opt to handle their SEO in house, only 11% are satisfied with the results. Those aren’t very encouraging numbers, especially considering how expensive SEO services can be. The data also shows that SEO is one of the fastest growing industries in today’s marketplace.

Conductor Blog reported that job postings for SEO specialists on sites like have increased nearly 2,000% over the past few years. Yet, only 21% of people using SEO agencies are happy with the results? That doesn’t exactly make you jump up and down and say “Look at me! I need SEO Services! Who wants to help?”

If you’re outsourcing your SEO, you’d better make sure the company you hire knows what they’re doing. You want someone who has a track record for getting results. But more important, you should ask yourself if your company really deserves to be on the front page of Google yet…

Cashing in On SEO Starts with a Reality Check

Let’s do a quick experiment which I guarantee will increase your traffic over the next year. Open up another tab on your browser right now and type your keywords into the Google search bar. Then, go to the top three sites in the search engine results. What are they doing that you’re NOT doing?

If you were a customer looking for a trustworthy company, which website would you choose…yours or one of our competitors? Unless you’re 100% positive that you’d choose your website, it’s time to do some work on your on page SEO.

Make a checklist. Look at your copy, your design, your site structure and your content. Is your website doing your company justice? Is it positioning you as an authority in your industry? Are you consistently posting useful information and positioning yourself as a trusted content source?

If not, you might be interested to know that 78% of internet users say they use the internet to research products. Well over 40% of the daily searches are searches for information on products and services (source: iMedia Connection). People are shopping for products and services online. People love to shop, but they’re not looking for the same things they look for when browsing through the mall.

They want information. GREAT information that will help them make smart buying decisions. So if you want to hoist your website to the top page of Google, you’d better start giving people what they want. Otherwise, you’ll have to sit at the bottom of the search results, hoping for a few crumbs to fall from the table of your competitors.

More and more businesses are talking about “content marketing,” but few businesses know what it really is and how it impacts search engine rankings. Simply put, content marketing is positioning yourself as a trusted course of authority content FIRST, and letting that reputation attract more qualified customers.

Marketing isn’t’ just about advertisements anymore; the information age has changed that. Today, people want content. Nearly half of the searches that take place today will be conducted by people searching for valuable content? Is your website delivering?

If you have doubts, call MSI right now and let’s talk about getting your site worthy of the Google page one rankings.

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