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Direct Mail + Social Media: the Future of Direct Response Marketing

Think direct mail marketing is dead?  Think again.  Direct mail and social media together are the future or direct response marketing and with good reason.  Combining the two forms of marketing creates a compelling campaign that leverages the strengths of both and provides amazing results.

Using Direct Mail to Drive Social Media Engagement

Rather than the traditional direct mail approach of an appeal letter with a call to action and a response card, direct mail is becoming a targeted way to drive traffic to your online social media accounts and website.  Postcards with social media buttons and targeted calls to action are delivering proven results.  The opportunities are limited only by your creativity.

Consider adding an offer of free stuff or a discount if prospects log into Facebook and post a comment about your business or simply answer a few survey questions.  Not only do you gain a response and traffic on your site, the survey can provide valuable market research quickly.

Including a QR code on your postcard along with a call to action makes good sense.  By tying the QR code to a YouTube video or interactive mobile site you encourage immediate response.

Contests are a part of social media marketing strategy.  You engage your audience and encourage comments and interaction on your site.  Announcing the contest during a targeted direct mail marketing campaign can increase the response and give you even greater benefits.

Using Social Media to Power Direct Mail

Using direct mail to drive social media engagement is not the only way to integrate the two forms of marketing.  Cross media promotion can include using social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest to power your direct mail efforts.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest collect useful data about their members.  Facebook information, for example, can be used to create personalize mailers and direct mail campaigns.  Combining these mailers with a personalized URL and a call to action and including a social media badge on the landing page completes the marketing circle.

Posting on your Facebook page or Twitter account about a promotion available only through direct mail can create anticipation and excitement about your products and promotions.   When your followers learn of the 25% promotional discount on your products available only by redeeming the coupon included in your next mailer, for example, they will check their mail box eagerly.

Promoting an event?  Promoting a new product or service?  You can include a request for literature via direct mail as a part of the social media promotion.  Literature mailed in response to a request is more likely to deliver the results you need.

Do your direct mail campaigns include a personalized URL to a landing page?  Consider creating a general landing page for social media users.  Posting this URL along with a call to action multiplies the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing campaign by engaging social media in the same offer.

The Interactive Future of Marketing 

Social media is changing and growing more powerful every day.  Look for interactive marketing opportunities to expand as social media evolves.

Imagine using QR codes or personalized URLs and images personalized from a consumer’s Facebook or Twitter account to create an appeal just for them.  Perhaps placing a pin on Pinterest will result in a discount coupon via direct mail or a special survey or incentive. While it’s unclear what the interaction will look like, response rates are practically guaranteed.

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