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Direct Mail + Online Marketing: A Conversion Powerhouse

Imagine getting a direct mail offer that really grabs your attention. You’re interesting in buying the product or service. But do you call right away and give the company your credit card number? Probably not. You probably do your homework by searching for the company or the product online don’t you?

You might even check out some competitors to see if there’s a better deal. Of course you do. And that’s exactly what your customers will do when they get your next direct mail offer. This is why your company’s online marketing and direct mail marketing campaigns need to work together.

If you get this right, your direct mail campaigns could have twice the conversion rates. Get it wrong, and you could end up buying traffic for your competitors.

No joke, here’s how that can happen…

Your Online Reputation & Your Offline Marketing Are Tag Team Partners

Your online reputation can be the strongest or the weakest link in your marketing chain. But it’s definitely a link, and there’s nothing you can do to stop that. Even if you have no online presence, your customers WILL search for your company online after seeing your offline advertisements. If they don’t find anything, they’ll be less likely to do business with you.

If they find a ton of great reviews about your company, blogs written by your company on multiple sites (aka, guest blogging) and a strong presence on Facebook & Twitter, you’ve got a deal. This is how online marketing can boost your offline success. But what happens if they don’t like what they find? Then, you could do something worse than lose a potential customer. You could end up buying traffic for your competitors.

We’d Like to Thank the Competition (Fill in Your Company Name Here)

Are your competitors saying this when they get new customers?

I hope not. But without a strong online presence and a trusted reputation on review sites, you could end up buying traffic for your competitors without even realizing it. Just imagine, a customer gets YOUR direct mail piece, but then they go online to investigate. They search for your name. Your online presence doesn’t impress them. So they also search for your service type.

What will happen if they find dozens of positive reviews about your competition while doing their homework? That’s right. They’ll do business with your competitor, and your direct mail marketing piece will have just turned into a traffic generation tool for your competition.

Ouch. I’m guessing you’d rather not do that. So before you put your next direct mail marketing campaign together, do a quick search for your company name. Then, do a search for your product name and for the type of product or service you’re offering in your direct mailer.

See if your online reputation will hurt your offline marketing. If you have doubts, or if you want to build a power tag team of online marketing and direct mail marketing that knocks your competition out cold, request a free online consultation from MSI today.  


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