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Direct Mail Marketing & Your “ROI Genie”

MailboxI want you to imagine something for a moment. Imagine having a marketing campaign which you can launch anytime in order to instantly drum up a new stream of business. I’m talking about your very own “ROI Genie.” You simply run a marketing campaign and watch the leads and sales come flooding in. I know, sounds like a bunch of hype being posted on some “how to make money online” website, right? But did you know that this is how some of the most successful brands in the country got as big as they are?

Take Newsweek for example. They built a simple marketing strategy using a direct mail letter. Then they refined the letter and the campaign until it became so effective that they could literally forecast how much business they’d bring in just by running the campaign. So if they did this, is there any reason why you can’t do the same? Let me show you an example of what I’m talking about and by the end of this article, I trust you’ll know the answer to that previous question…

How to Create an “ROI Machine” Using Direct Mail

The key to creating your own ROI Machine is to treat it just like you would the creation of any other business process. Most of us have internal processes for the operations side of our business. Those processes are well-structured and they get predictable results. Why can’t you do the same thing with your marketing campaigns? For example, picture a direct mail campaign that looks like this:

  • Week #1: Send out a simple direct mail letter with an offer that expires in 8 weeks. Give the recipients the option of either 1) Buying right away. 2) Subscribing to a free printed newsletter. 3) Connecting with your company on a social media site.
  • Week #3: Send another direct mail letter to the people who didn’t respond to your first letter. Remind them that the offer is expiring and offer them an extra incentive for responding this time around. Meanwhile, send another offer to the people who signed up for your newsletter or who connected with you via social media during the first step.
  • Week #5: Send another direct mail letter to the people who haven’t yet responded to your first two letters and continue to market to the people who responded to your first two.
  • Weeks #7 & 8: Send out final direct mail letters to the original list in an attempt to get them to purchase from you, to sign up for your newsletter or connect with you via social media.

Now, can you see how a multistep campaign like this would bring in a significant amount of leads over the 8 weeks that you ran it? Now, all you have to do is measure your results and refine your offers so that you get the maximum amount leads and sales from each launch. If you pay attention to how people respond and if you keep improving your campaign, it’s only a matter of time before you get it to create predictable results. Then, you simply build another process for following up on your new leads AND for selling more products and services to the people who responded to your original offer.

Once you’ve got a campaign that works, you simply run that campaign whenever you need to drum up new business. Does this sound too good to be true? If so, you’re probably wondering…

What if My Machine Stops Working?

This is a common mistake for entrepreneurs. We “try” marketing campaigns once instead of refining them until they work. If your ROI machine doesn’t work the first time, or if it stops working, don’t just throw it away and go out looking for the next bright shiny object. Instead, measure the results and use the information you’ve gathered to find the “weak spots” in your campaign. Here are a few things you can measure and tweak in order get (and to keep) your ROI machine generating solid profits.

  • Your lead conversion rate
  • Your lead to sale conversion rate
  • The amount of time it takes for a lead to become a sale
  • Your total value per customer (which can be increased with follow up sales)
  • Your campaign’s average ROI
  • Your campaign’s average profit margins

As you can see, you’re measuring more than just your ROI and your conversion rates. The more metrics you consider when evaluating your marketing campaigns, the more opportunities you’ll see for fixing the weaknesses in your ROI machine. If you work at this diligently, it’s only a matter of time before you find something that works. Then, you simply rinse and repeat. Direct mail is the perfect form of media for creating such a campaign, because everything can be easily tracked, measured and optimized.

Are You Ready to Create Your ROI Machine?

Are you starting to see how direct mail can help you create a campaign which you can run anytime in order to instantly drum up a new stream of business? Now it's time to create a custom ROI Machine for your business.

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