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Direct Mail Marketing Tips for High Impact Advertising

Direct mail marketing is considered one of the most cost-effective and efficient forms of advertising in the industry today.  Direct mail marketing campaigns are most effective when a specific audience is targeted, such as customers who are already shopping for relevant products or services.

The following five suggestions can help give you ideas for developing higher impact with your direct mail marketing:

Building trust to sell your products or services - there are characteristics that every direct mail marketing campaign should contain.  You must build the potential customer's trust while at the same time enhancing your company image and credibility.  You don't want to follow your message with something that is unrelated as this could result in confusion and lack of trust on the consumer's part.

Develop a clear purpose for your direct mail campaign - just like other forms of advertising, you need to provide your audience with a product or service that fits a specific need, or is a solution to a problem. This ability to grasp and fill their needs is imperative to achieving the results you are looking for.  Sending mailers to 500 targeted recipients with a message specific to their needs will be more effective than sending out 5,000 mailers to a list that hasn't been qualified for your niche market.

Encourage your potential buyers to read what you send them - those who receive direct mail advertisements will only spend about 1 to 2 seconds deciding on whether or not they want to spend more time on the material.  It is not necessarily your graphics, your logo, or your product name that will encourage them to pay attention to the mailer.  It is knowing that there is something of considerable value to them that will encourage them to read on.

Purchase a high-quality mailing list to reach your audience - with the continually rising mailing costs, reaching a target audience is critical.  If you are going to purchase a mailing list, make sure it is a fresh list and not a list that was purchased for resale from another mailing list company.

Dealing with direct mail marketing in a productive and rewarding manner requires marketing savvy. It's not rocket science, but it does involve art, math, and the science of statistical analysis. If you pay attention to results of every mailing, you will be able to fine tune your base hits into home runs.

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