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Direct Mail Marketing Stretegies–An Overview

Direct Mail Marketing Stretegies--An Overview

Purpose of Direct Mail Marketing Stretegies

Build customer loyalty. Whether it's a thank you card or a special coupon just for your best customers, keeping your current customers happy not only encourages them to spend more money with you, but it keeps them loyal to your company--which keeps your customer base from the dreaded shrink mode.

Acquire new customers. Although it costs more to acquire new customers than it does to cater to existing customers, it is simply required if you're going to continue to increase sales. Using the simple methods in this article, and doing them right, will help you attain this goal.

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing strategies

Compliment your online marketing methods
One mailing can reach thousands of people
Demographically target exactly who gets your mailer
Realize 80 to 90 percent of your mailers' responses within 2 weeks
Easily track your return on investment
List the benefits of your company's products or services
You don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to be seen (i.e., get on the first page of Google)

Direct Mail Marketing (DMM) Strategies Made Easy

3 Rules of an Effective DMM Campaign:

Proper marketing research. Find out who your customer is so you can properly focust your direct mail efforts. Are a majority of your customers wealthy housewives, middle age working class men, or middle class teenagers?

Targeted distributions. Just because you have a list of ten thousand addresses doesn't mean you send everyone on that list a brochure. After you do marketing research to find out who your customer is, target your audience based on demographics like location, sex, age, and annual income.

Timely promotions. It is vital to make sure your DMM campaign coincides with your online promotions if that's one of your strategies. And sometimes stating the obvious is a necessary reminder: get your research done, your campaign organized, and your mailers printed and distributed before the rush is over, whether it's a popular holiday, golf season, harvest time, or a clearance sale you're promoting.

Use Direct Mail Marketing Strategies to Increase Your ROI

Use quality art design, as well as quality paper and printing ink. This alone will help you stand out from the multitude of low-budget, home-based businesses that mail millions of cheap-looking, low quality mailers each week.

Use postcards. Postcards are four times more likely to viewed and have twice the response rate of e-mails.

Be clear and concise. Make sure a 12 year old could understand your message. Use a captivating headline and engaging copy.

Don't be too wordy. People are always in a hurry, especially in this day and age. Make it flashy and enticing, but get to the point.

Personalize the message. Address each recipient by their first name. Make it look like the sender signed each mailer by having their name printed in a script font. And include a phone number, and maybe even tell them you'd love to hear from them.

Use a quality mailing list. Make sure your provider has a deliverability percentage of 80% or above. You want to make sure the list is updated and current. A list that's ten years old will have too many undeliverable address, since people move, etc. Make sure the list provider runs the list through the National Change of Address (NCOA) database regularly to ensure a higher deliverability rate.

Why Use DMM in this Day and Age? It's tried, true and tested

If DMM wasn't effective, why hasn't it faded into oblivion with the onset, proliferation and rule of online marketing? Even though DMM is an old standard, it has staying power in a this modern era because it's effective...and it's just plain smart to reach potential customers through every possible avenue.

So many marketers are focused on social media, pay per click advertising, email marketing, and other online marketing methods, that they're missing a powerful, albeit traditional marketing tool. Don't be one of them.

With an overload of information on the web, much of which is either inundating or just missed in the shuffle or buried in the heaping onslaught of targeted online marketing, why not use a marketing avenue that is sure to get your prospect's attention? After all, people who use the internet--and all its social media--still check their snail mailboxes.

DMM is Effective..When Done Right

If you spend several hundred dollars at a mailing campaign to mass mail ten thousand people, you've got to do it right--otherwise you are just throwing that money to the wind. Just use some simple, yet well-thought techniques to help your mail stand out from the junk mail, and you'll realize huge profit potential.

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