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Direct Mail Goes Hand in Hand With Charity

Did you know that direct mail marketing brings in about 78% of the donations for non-for-profits? reported that nearly 50% of adults have donated money to charitable causes in response to direct mailers they’d received. These are important statistics if you’re running a non-for-profit organization.

Do you have a direct mail marketing campaign for gathering donations and finding new sponsors? If not, it might be because you’re depending too much on Email or Social media marketing. The money “saved” from using “free” methods such as SEO, email or social media could cost you a lot of money in missed opportunity.

Why is Direct Mail so Important for Non-for-Profits?

The primary product of non-for-profits is trust. Sponsors want to know that they can trust where their money is going when they give to a non-for-profit organization. It’s commonly known that anywhere from 75% to 85% of the donations going to non-for-profits don’t even go towards the cause. They go towards supporting the organization.

Some non-for-profits require as much as 95% of their donation money just to run the organization. This makes people very skeptical about giving their money to a non-for-profit foundation. How much more skeptical will they be if they only hear from the organization by means of email or ads on social media sites?

Direct mail solves this problem by demonstrating that your organization isn’t just a fly by night cause. Over the past few years, marketing studies from groups like Epsilon Research Channel and Direct Marketing News reveal that direct mail marketing has a much higher perceived trust in the minds of consumers.

Direct marketing response rates are also significantly higher than email response rates, and the difference is growing every year. Social media, incidentally, was considered, by consumers, too be one of the least trustworthy marketing channels. This is NOT to say that social media is a bad way to promote your non-for-profit. The point is that if you’re not using direct mail because of the “cost,” you don’t understand the way non-for-profit organizations really work.

How to Use Direct Mail AND Social Media to Get More Donations

While direct mail is a great way to connect with new sponsors and send thank you cards for donations received, it’s also important to use social media and email. Social media sites can be a great place to connect with existing donors and send them updates on how their donations are being invested. It’s also a great place to share reviews from your existing sponsors.

But one of the biggest challenges of non-for-profits is thinking like a business. Many of these foundations look for ways to save money, which is a good idea. But when it comes to marketing, cutting costs can be a a bad idea. There are no costs in good marketing. There are only investments. If you’re only using online marketing because it’s free, you’re paying a much higher price in lost opportunities.

According to, 98% of adults will bring in the mail the same day it was delivered, and 77% of them will sort it the same day. Email doesn’t fair so well. Most of it gets deleted without being opened. So if you want to connect with more new sponsors and build a trustworthy non-for-profit organization, direct mail marketing is your missing link.

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