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Direct Mail: A Surprising Way to Find New Copywriting Clients

Are you a professional copywriter who’s tired of scrambling for low value clients on bidding sites and using email marketing to beg for writing jobs from marketing agencies? If so, I’d like to show you a surprising way to find new clients, almost on demand. It’s direct mail marketing.


I know, you’ve heard about email marketing, social media marketing, SEO…isn’t direct mail outdated? Not when it comes to marketing high value services like copywriting. Here’s how you can use this “old” marketing method to get more new clients than you can handle…

How to Use Direct Mail to Find Copywriting Clients 

 If you want more copywriting clients, all you need is ONE great sales letter. You know what the master Gary Halbert said:

“You’re just one great sales letter away from financial independence.”

Think about that, ONE LETTER.

In this case, that one letter could be the letter which showcases your copywriting skills and which helps you generate new business EVERY time you mail it. Sit down and start writing the letter tonight. Just start with the headline. Then, write the opening paragraph tomorrow. Keep writing a bit at a time every day for the next 30 days. Once you’ve got a sales letter you feel good about, buy a SMALL list of targeted customers and mail it.

Be sure that your letter offers more than one response offer. For example, instead of just leaving your phone number and email, leave an 800 number on the flyer and invite your prospect to listen to a message of you talking about your services. Or, make it a recording of a free tip. You’ll find that many prospects who are afraid (or not ready) to pick up the phone and call you will call in to hear a free recorded message.

At the close of the message, invite them to sign up for a monthly newsletter that you can mail out to them. While this flyer is being mailed, you’ll want to do three things:

  1. Follow up with 10 of your prospects per day via phone.

  2. Start writing a second letter, this time showcasing another writing style.

  3. Set up a different 800 number and landing page for your second letter and start tracking responses

If you’ve picked a small targeted list of 100 to 500 potential clients, this will keep you busy for two weeks. At the end of those two weeks, mail your second letter. Do this with three or four letters and be consistent. Keep tracking results. By the time you’re done, you’ll have at least a few new copywriting clients AND you’ll have a mess of results to examine from your first multi-step campaign. Use the feedback from the first campaign to tweak the mailings before you send them out again. Do this a few times and you’ll go from merely finding clients to building a stable copywriting practice…

How to Use Direct Mail to KEEP Copywriting Clients

If you’re a good copywriter, your clients will want to work with you again. However, you can’t just depend on them to contact you when they have copywriting needs. It’s YOUR job to remind them that you’re still in business. Direct mail is the perfect way to do this because it’s harder to ignore than email. Create a newsletter for the customers who have bought from you and mail those letters out every month.

If the newsletter content is good and you gently remind them that you’re still in business using a simple back page ad, you’ll stay on their radar. In time, you’ll have more clients on your mailing list than you can keep up with. This is simple, but it works. Just get started today and see for yourself. Write the headline or your first letter and call MSI about getting a small qualified list of clients to mail to.

Six months from now, you could be completely free of having to sell yourself out on low budget bidding sites and making plenty of money serving your loyal client base. Good luck!

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