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Direct Mail: 10 of the Most Common Mistakes Companies Make

Unlike digital marketing, direct mail doesn’t rely on flashy graphics or eye-catching videos. Direct mail is a unique form of marketing and so it comes with its own unique set of challenges and advantages.

The list below shows some of the most common mistakes companies are making in their direct mail strategy, and how you can avoid them:

1. Weak Mailing List

The most crucial aspect of direct mailing is getting your mailing list correct. So it is important to spend much needed time and effort sorting your list out and getting the best possible customers on it.

2. Failure to Test

If you aren’t testing your products, getting feedback from clients or very rarely tracking and monitoring your direct mailing list and responses, then you are never going to know what you are doing wrong. Make sure you follow up and do rigorous testing on all your direct mail campaigns.

3. No Letter

A letter in your mailing package is the best way to establish a ‘personal’ connection. Companies that don’t put letters in their direct mail run the risk of missing out on creating an emotional connection with consumers.

4. No Clear Benefits

Don’t make the mistake of making your consumers read over all the features of your company and product. Rather, show them a clear list of how your company and product can benefit them.

5. Offering Something

You need to offer something with your package, anything from a free brochure to catalogue, as it increases the desire to buy the product.

6. Lack of Content

You can use all the images you want and make your brochures beautifully glossy and well designed. But the bottom line is that if the copy on your material is not good, you aren’t going to sell your product.

7. The Follow Up

You need to follow up your direct mail. Phone clients and customers, email them and get feedback. Just don’t let it go stale.

8. Them as Opposed to You

Offer information on what the client wants to hear about, not about what you want to talk about.

9. Using the Five Senses

Direct mail has the potential to use all 5 senses. Think about adding a special smell or texture (depending on your product) that will grab your customers’ attention. Be different.

10. Weak Openings

Many companies using direct mail leave their strongest offer for last to close on with a bang. If this is your intent, make sure you open with something equally as powerful to keep the consumer reading.


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