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Custom MarketMail® or Die Cut Mail in Transparent Poly Envelope

Receiving a Custom MarketMail® piece can be like getting a gift in your mail box. That is because of the plethora of shape, size and thickness attributes that can be produced to create a marketing piece that will surely be noticed.

The term Custom Market Mail refers to mail that is not rectangular in shape and does Die Cut Sample 1not meet the USPS standards for automated postage discounts. Examples of these special mail pieces are die-cut images of your product, an animal, a floral bouquet, or an LP (long playing record for you younger marketers).

Odd shapes and creative formats do not come in the mail box every day, so these pieces are much more likely to be pinned up or shared. They will garner more curiosity, interest and, consequently, higher response rates.

Best practices apply to Custom Market Mail as with any direct marketing strategy. Your target audience helps determine the offer, response mechanism, call to action and the look and feel of the piece.

Custom Market Mail is delivered differently to the post office than is regular mail. MSI will ship your bundled mailing to each applicable Destination Delivery Unit (DDU) (the facility where the mail will be sorted for delivery by the mail carrier), or take them directly there. Once the shipment is at the appropriate DDU the postal carriers will include them in their route.

Each Custom Market Mail piece includes the appropriate carrier release endorsement, indicating that a deliverable Customized Market Mail piece will be left in a safe location near the recipient’s mailbox if it will not fit inside the box. As with any mailing, an updated and complete customer data base and mail file helps your message reach your desired target.Die Cut Sample 2

Customized Market Mail pieces cannot weigh more than 3.3 oz. Each mail piece must be between 3-1/2" and 12" high and 5" and 15" long, with length being the distance between the two outermost points. Pieces don’t have to be uniform in thickness, but must be between 0.007" at the thinnest point and 3/4" at the thickest point, including attachments.

The minimum number of pieces for Custom Market Mail is 200 pieces per mailing, but not all of them need to be for the same DDU.

Customized Market Mail enclosed in Poly Envelopes
Customized Market Mail die-cut pieces can be enclosed in transparent poly envelopes. This allows for the same impact but reduces the cost of shipping and delivery considerably.  In this scenario, the piece would be classified as a “flat” by the USPS postal standards instead of a Custom MarketMail®. There are USPS approved poly envelopes from very small to very large to accommodate your most creative designer.

MSI has the design acumen, professionalism and equipment to create, produce and mail Custom Market Mail. If you would like to learn more about the impact and uses of this Direct Marketing Tool, please contact your sales representative at MSI or call 916.631.7400 and we will be happy to answer your questions and help get that special piece in the mail.

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