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Creating the Perfect Marketing Strategy using Both Digital and Direct Mail

Many companies rely exclusively on their online marketing strategy, and this makes perfect sense seeing as the marketing world has revolutionized over the last few years to an almost entirely digital medium. Direct mail was seen as one of the casualties of this but there has been a sudden resurgence in the use of direct mail in many companies’ marketing strategies.

So, if you are completely reliant on a digital/online marketing strategy, what is the best way to go about trying to integrate direct mail into your marketing mix?


The first thing to do is research the demographic that you intend to get your product into. Data on your system should provide some of the geographical and promotional information and history about consumers, but go a step further and add a lifestyle and proprietary survey into your analysis.

Start With Current Customers

The easiest way to test your new direct mail marketing is to use your existing customers. You know their history and are therefore able to create direct mail ads that are personable and have the ability to emotionally connect to the consumer. Using current customers also allows you to have an easier avenue for feedback on the effectiveness of your new direct mail marketing component.

Continued Surveys and Research

Once you have received feedback from your current clients, you can begin to make any necessary changes to your direct mail. But it’s also important to keep researching and using data to get insight into potential customers and their habits. How do they view media? What average age are they? What tone of voice do they respond best to? All of these questions will help you to develop a direct mail medium that is more effective.

Create a Strategy

The key to a successful integration of a digital and direct marketing mix is to have a clear strategy that you stick to. Make sure you are sending items out in the correct sequence and at the right intervals. Most importantly always keep your consumer in mind and note if there are any chances to their preferences and reactions to your products.

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