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Creating Successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Every business’ marketing plan should include direct mail marketing. Direct mail marketing can be the most cost-effective way to advertise a business or service when done correctly. It doesn't matter what size a business is, or what industry it falls in, all businesses can benefit from direct mail marketing campaigns. There are several key components to creating an effective direct mail marketing campaign for your business:

The List

Ensure that your mailing list is as targeted to your customer type as possible. As the backbone of every direct marketing campaign, the mailing list is a crucial component. Obtaining a mailing list can be done in many ways. If you have been diligent in collecting customer data, you may already have a good customer list. Prospect lists can be purchased based on many factors, and then further broken into categories allowing for targeted messages. Quality mailing list compilers and brokers supply accurate mailing lists, which are updated through the National Change of Address database of the US Postal Service.

The Offer

Make sure your offer is compelling and is relevant to the audience. The message regarding what you have to offer must be clear, simple, and easy to understand. You want to ensure that when recipients read your marketing piece, your message is obvious. Guarantees can make your offer more appealing as well, especially money-back guarantees.

The Call to Action

Check to make sure your offer includes a “call to action.”  Time lines are important with regards to the call to action—things like expiration dates, because they provide a sense of urgency. Make sure it is easy for the recipient to respond via email, phone, the Internet, mail, or in person.

Talk Benefits, Not Features

Describe a problem that your recipient might have and briefly explain your solution. Check out MSI’s 100 Motivations to Buy, for sample benefits you may have to offer the consumer or business you are targeting.

First Impressions - Brand Building

You want to make sure that the quality of your direct mail piece matches the quality of your offer and your company. Choose the paper, colors and text of your mailing piece carefully so that you make a good first impression. Mailing pieces will identify your company and assist recipients in forming an opinion about your offer, service, and company.

Direct mail marketing is still currently one of the most effective marketing methods available because it allows businesses to focus advertising on specific groups while staying on a budget. It is also very effective in integrated marketing campaigns. By adhering to the tips MSI Marketing described above, your direct mail campaigns will begin to show an increase response rates and ROI.

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