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Could Email Marketing Save You From “Marketing Hell?” (Part II)

In part one of this series on email marketing, we talked about how to segment your email lists according to your different customer types:

  1. Cold prospects: prospective customers who haven’t heard of your company yet.

  2. Warm prospects: prospective customers who HAVE heard of you and who have responded to some type of advertising but haven’t yet spent money with you.

  3. One-time buyers: customers who have bought from you once but who haven’t bought a second time.

  4. Loyal buyers: customers who have bought from you more than once.

Once you’ve got these lists built, you’ll need a strategy for following up with them and using email marketing and direct mail marketing to increase your profits and referrals. So let’s talk about some strategies for making that happen…

How to Build a Strong Email Marketing Strategy for Prospects

When marketing to your cold prospects or following up on your warm prospect list, you’ll want to create multistep campaigns which use multiple forms of media. If you have email addresses and physical addresses for your warm prospects follow up with them using a multistep email and direct mail campaign. Make sure that your campaign makes an offer which expires by the time the campaign is completed.

Create follow up campaigns which will solicit this list for 12 to 18 months before you give up on them. This means you’ll be creating multiple campaigns, all of which have expiring offers. You can create 4 to 6 of them and send them out over the span of a year. If you’re selling a service which might take more than a year to convert a prospect into a customer, you can send the same campaigns out every year, making slight adjustments to those campaigns as needed.

When marketing to your cold prospects, give them multiple options for responding to your campaigns. Some of your prospects will be more comfortable opting into your warm list for more information before they call to talk to a sales person. Then, once you’ve got them onto your warm list, they’ll be getting a completely different set of marketing messages. This allows you to market to your warm and cold lists using different strategies.

It’s a good idea to market to your cold prospects consistently but to update your list about once every 3 to 6 months to make sure the list is still good. Remember, your prospects will relocate and even in B2B marketing, decision makers sometimes leave companies. So it’s important to keep your cold prospect list updated.

How to Build a Strong Email Marketing Strategy for Past/Existing Customers

When marketing to your list of one-time buyers, your goal is to get them to buy from you again and to move them onto your list of loyal customers. If you have multiple products or services, use their past buying behaviors to determine how to make additional offers to them. You might even want to segment your one-time buyer list according to what product or service they bought. As with the warm prospects, create campaigns with expiring offers and send out a few of these campaigns a year.

For your loyal customers, you want to create email marketing and direct mail marketing campaigns which:

  • Reward them for their continued loyalty.

  • Solicit and offer incentives for referring you new customers.

  • Solicit them to post positive online reviews.

  • Market them premium products and services.

If you do all four of these things, your loyal customer list can be a great asset to you, bringing you multiple new sales through referrals and through posted online reviews which will increase your conversions. You can post these reviews on your Social Media pages and on your direct mailers to increase your conversions for new customers.

Remember also that loyal customers are more likely to spend more money with you, so you might want to consider creating premium products and services which are especially designed for your loyal customers. If you follow this strategy, your loyal customer list will probably bring in most of your profits, and give you plenty of economic leverage to fund your efforts to acquire new customers.

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