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Could Email Marketing Save You From “Marketing Hell?” (Part I)

Emailing marketing might be your one way ticket out of the nightmare of relying only on new sales to maintain company profits. It could be one of the primary things standing between you and massive business growth (we’ll talk about what the other thing is in a moment).

We’ve all been there, stuck in the trap of having to market like crazy AND focus on fulfilling services. How do you find time for both of them? And what do you do during your “slow seasons” when you’re marketing and marketing, but the new sales just aren’t coming in? This is what I call "Marketing Hell," and the only way out of it is to build a continuity strategy using email marketing and direct mail.

I’m talking about having lists of customers whom you’re following up with on a consistent basis using modern email marketing technology and an automated direct mail strategy. With the right continuity strategy you can start making that happen and save yourself from being eternally banished to Marketing Hell. Here’s how…

You Need More Than One Email List

Having a list of prospects and customers and creating a strategy for turning the prospects into customers and for getting more business out of your past/existing customers is the secret to sustainable business growth. This is especially true in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. How is your email list right now? More important, how many lists do you have? If you only have one, you’re not doing email marketing right.

A smart continuity strategy will use list segmenting so that you can send different follow up messages to customers depending on how much business they’ve already done with you. For example, you might have the following four list types for your business:

Cold prospects:

This would be a list of prospective customers who haven’t heard of your company yet. It could be a list you’re renting or which you’ve purchased from a list broker. For best results, the prospects on this list should match the same demographic as the customers who have already bought from you.

Warm prospects:

This would be a list of prospective customers who HAVE heard of you and who have responded to some type of advertising but they haven’t yet spent money with you. It might be the list of people who have signed up for your company newsletter or who have inquired about your services but not yet bought a product or service.

One-time buyers

This would be a list of customers who have bought from you once but who haven’t bought a second time. Many times, this is where companies lose the most profits. The customer buys from them once, but then they don’t need the product or service for a while. By the time the customer is ready to buy again, another company comes along with a great offer and the customer is lost. So the original company loses the customer simply because they didn’t stay present in the customer’s mind.

This is why you need to segment your buyers out from your “not yet” buyers. At the same time, you don’t want to put your one-time buyers on the same list as the people who have either never bought from you or who have already proven their loyalty. Segmenting your one-time buyers onto a separate list will help you win their loyalty and repeat business through more aggressive marketing campaigns.

Loyal buyers:

This is your list of customers who have bought from you more than once. Depending on how many products or services you offer, it might be a smart to further segment your loyal buyers into separate list based on their buying behaviors. This way, you can market those customer products and services which best fit their past buying behaviors or create customized solutions to market to your loyal customers.

Once you’ve got your lists built, you can use email marketing and another great marketing method (which we’ll cover in part two of this series) to grow your profits.

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