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Content – The Secret of SEO Success

Content, the right content – fresh, original, and keyword rich – is the secret of consistent SEO success.  Why?  The answer is simple.  Web crawlers love fresh content.  If you want to keep the crawlers coming back to index your sites give them a steady diet of the content they love.

Does your site attract web crawler attention?  You probably thought long and hard about the content of each page on your site, working to develop the best possible message for your organization.  While that message may be perfect, without fresh content it isn’t as powerful as you might believe.  Customers won’t read it if they can’t find it when they search.

Building through Blogging

Blogging is a proven method for building SEO.  The web crawlers love blogs and so does your prospective audience.  There are several advantages to adding a regularly updated blog to your website.

  • Fresh Content:  A blog is fresh content by definition.  Created to inform or entertain your audience on a topic related to your business, blogs use new words and phrases to give personality and relevance to your site.  More relevance equals better SEO.
  •  Engaging:  A well-crafted blog post engages your audience and gives them what they want…information they can use.  They read it.  They like it.  They share it.  They recommend your site to their friends.  Who doesn’t like that?
  •  User Generated Content:  Blogs encourage reader comments and questions.  A helpful or controversial post will draw lots of attention and feedback from your audience.  Search engines love comments because they indicate relevance, use long tail keywords and phrases, and are obviously naturally generated.
  •  Back Links:  A back link is a hyperlink from another page back to your website or blog post.  Web crawlers use these links to find your site and index it.  People follow these links to find your page too.  Back links are powerful for SEO and for your business in general.  A quality blog post attracts back links.  It’s as simple as that.
  •  Marketing:  Your blog is your chance to establish yourself and your organization as an expert in your industry.  People get to know and trust you.  Prospects learn more about your products and services.  They develop an interest in working with you.  The result?  Increased revenue for your organization.

To be most effective, blog posts should provide new, original content on topics related to your business.  While your page content may be precise and formal, a blog should be casual and engaging – even edgy.

Blog content shouldn’t be repetitive.  Duplicate content is a negative for search engines.  If they find it you will be penalized.  Avoid using the exact phrases or keywords used featured on your general page content.

Wondering How to Create a Blog? 

Creating a blog for your website can be intimidating.  Even if you enjoy writing you may struggle to generate topics or find the time to produce regular content for your site.  The pressures and demands of your business may push thoughts of a blog to the back burner.

A consistently updated blog requires planning and focus.  Just like other important parts of your business you have to develop a plan and then execute on it for success.  Begin by adding a Word Press feature to your site and add one to two posts per week.

Listen to your customers and clients to develop topics for your blog.  What are people talking about?  What are customers asking about?  Give them what they want in your blog.  A 500 word post answering a common question is a great place to start.

Take Your Blog to the Next Level

If you don’t feel comfortable generating your blog content internally, consider outsourcing.  Blogging is a large part of an integrated internet marketing campaign.  Taking your blog to the next level is as simple as working with a marketing organization to develop and post content that effectively builds your SEO while generating the marketing buzz you need for success.

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