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Determining Customer Values

What is their Motivation?

When developing a marketing message it is crucial to see a product from the Customer’s perspective. It’s easy for a company to define a product by its features, but people don’t buy "features," they buy a useful product. To get better responses from your marketing efforts, you need to know why the Customer or prospect wants or needs your product. Different benefits will be important to different Customers.

To find out what message will speak the loudest and clearest to your target audience, you can use a process that provides a hierarchy form the lowest level - the most basic one of features - to the succeeding levels of benefits, and ultimately, why the customer wants to participate in the product category and the value system it represents.

The Process

The process focuses on the value/benefit issues of the product or service as opposed to describing it in terms of tangible features. Saying that Tylenol is a non-aspirin brand (feature) does not have as much impact to the Customer as talking about the pain relief they will obtain (benefit) from the product.

The process is also an effective way of looking at what physiological benefits are concerned as it examines functional and psychological benefits. This can be illustrated using cosmetic products. For example, when a young woman buys lipstick, she may think about the functional benefits of conditioning her lips in cold dry weather. The psychological benefit might include making her feel more feminine.

There are many possible intangibles in defining what a product is.

If you would like a pdf of the process to use in determining the functional and psychological benefits of your product as it relates to your customers and prospects, please email your sales representative or email and we will send you a copy of the entire article.



Features (Our Products) vs. Benefits (Customer Needs)

Let’s face it, we like to toot our own horns. We like to tell prospects how long we’ve been in business, how many batteries are included, how many machines we have, how fast we are, how many colors we offer, and so on. We blast out our features so prospects can appreciate how great we are. Unfortunately, that usually doesn’t give them a compelling reason to buy.

Here are a few examples of how features can be described:

Our security system is foolproof
Our 20-number speed dial means fewer keystrokes
Our custom programs are designed just for you
We have operators on duty 24/7 so you can talk to a live person anytime

Sounds like it’s all about us doesn't it?

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USPS QR Code Promotion

MSI QR CodeUSPS will be offering a 2% postage discount on all mailers that include a color or branded QR code. The mail needs to contain a code that directs to a mobile-optimized website.  For branded codes to qualify, they must have one color other than black, white or gray; others require two.

Program Period: February 1 - March 31, 2014
For more information about saving 2% on your next mailer, Contact your MSI sales rep to register for this promotion. 

Read More QR Promotion Requirements from USPS




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