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10 Top Services Offered by Great Digital Marketing Companies

Online marketing services are an important element for any business model, and should always be part of your overall marketing strategy.  While it is possible to undertake online marketing yourself, unless you have a thorough understanding the concepts, you may not use it to its best effect. Hiring an outside company to take care of your online marketing will leave you to focus on growing your business, but if you're unsure about how an outside company could help your business, here's 10 top services offered by great digital marketing companies. Continue reading



PPC Marketing Not Getting You Enough Traffic?

PPC marketing is supposed to be a quick and easy way to get lots of traffic to your site. But what if you’re using PPC marketing and you’re bidding on keywords that generate loads of traffic, but you’re only getting a few hits a day? You could always increase your bid amount and get your ads higher on the SERP pages, but that’s expensive and, if you’re just starting out, it’s probably not the best strategy.

If you want to get more traffic and you want to keep your PPC costs down, it might be time to venture into the Google content network.

Why the Google Content Network Rocks

The Google content network is where you run your PPC ads on people’s websites instead of in the search results. I’m talking about those ads you see on the tops or on the sides of websites. When using the content network, your ads run on websites which are considered to be relevant to your specific keywords. There are millions of websites in the Google content network and the clicks are much less expensive, so that solves your volume problem right away.

Of course, there will be plenty of sites that don’t generate the traffic you really want, but when you first start working with the content network, you want to run your ads on any sites that might be relevant. Why is this? Because when you cast a wider net, you can more quickly find out who your target customers really are, where they hang out and what kinds of ads they’ll best respond to.

Volume of traffic helps you do this quicker, so even if you don’t end up with more sales, you can quickly gather data which will help you get more conversions in the future. That’s the advantage of expanding your PPC campaigns into the Google content network. Now, let’s talk about the challenges in using this new traffic source…

The Challenge of Working in the Content Network

The most difficult thing about working with the content network is that you’re doing what’s commonly called “interruption marketing.” The people who see your ads aren’t actively looking for products and so the assumption is that they won’t respond to ads. However, this can be easily overcome by understanding and leverage a very simple principle of marketing…

Consumers are always in buying mode.

Even when people aren’t actively shopping for products and services, they’re still open to buying. Great marketers have always known this. That’s why they line the checkout aisles in grocery stores with all kinds of impulse items like candy, gum and magazines. The next time you’re in the grocery store, just pay attention to the headlines on the magazines in the checkout aisle. These are companies that spend millions of dollars on headline testing.

If you use these same headline strategies when you create PPC ads and run them in the content network, people WILL get distracted by your ads. They’ll click on your ads. Then, it’s simply a matter of having the right message on your landing page to draw them in. Again, marketers have been doing this for years. The great thing about the content network is that you can run thousands of hits of traffic to your ads and find out what people will respond to quicker than you could ever find it out by getting a few hits of traffic with standard PPC marketing.

If you’d like to find out how the content network can put you on the fast track to PPC advertising success, just call MSI at the number on this site. We know how to test your ads, find out what’s producing the best results and repeat the winning strategy to increase your leads and traffic. Call us now and find out what a difference the content network can make for your business.



The Most Powerful (& Most Obvious) Strategy in Online Marketing?

Online marketing isn’t that hard. In fact, if more people knew how easy it was, I imagine it would be a lot harder because there would be more competition. So I was thinking about this the other day and realized that EVERYONE I’ve seen succeed with online marketing has basically following the same strategy. I know, I’ve made it sound too simple already. But check out these three steps because I think this will make a lot of sense to you… Continue reading



Could Losing Money in PPC be a Smart Idea?

PPC process
The idea that losing money from a marketing campaign could actually be a good idea is crazy for most business owners. But when you first start using PPC marketing, it can be a very good idea to lose money. Losing money can also be a good strategy if your PPC marketing campaign is only producing mediocre results. How is this possible? It starts with shifting your perspective about what’s really valuable to your business.

The Most Valuable Resource in Business?

Money is grossly overvalued in the world of business. Many business owners hold onto their money at the expense of more valuable resources, the most important of these resources being information.

Information is valuable to nations who are trying to win wars and its valuable for businesses who are trying to becoming more profitable and to get an edge on their competition. Large businesses invest billions of dollars a year into marketing research just to find out who is most qualified to pay for their products and services. They invest money to find out why people buy, why they don’t buy and what kind of marketing campaigns will be most effective in selling their products and services. Continue reading



Why You Need to Stop Worrying About Conversion Rates

One of the most common questions online marketers have these days is this: “How can we increase the conversions on (insert marketing campaign here)?”

This is a common question, but it’s often the wrong question. There are several other metrics to consider when measuring and improving the performance of your marketing campaigns. Of all these metrics, conversion rates might be the least important one. So why are so many marketers focused on conversion rates? I suppose we could analyze that, but the more important thing to consider is the problems you run into by being too conversion focused. Let’s do some math and I’ll show you what I mean…

Continue reading



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