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10 Things You Should Ask Your Product Fulfillment Company

Are you looking for a company to complete your product fulfillment? Here are ten things you’ll want to find out before signing on with someone.

  1. How do they handle refunds?

Refunds are a part of every business, but you want to deal with them as little as possible…mainly because dealing with them can be inherently negative. Refund processing can be time consuming and discouraging to deal with on a consistent basis. So you want a fulfillment company who can help you create and manage a simple refund process without you having to worry about handling disgruntled customers. Continue reading



Is Your Fulfillment Company Holding You Back?

So you’re working with a fulfillment company and they’re not getting your products to customers on time. They’re not handling refunds as well as you’d like and you’re wondering if this company is going to help you grow your client base and build a trustworthy brand. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

There are hundreds of printing and shipping houses, fulfillment companies and drop shipping solutions available. Some of them are great; others were started by someone working out of their garage that had no experience with fulfillment. What should you do if you’re working with a fulfillment company that’s making it hard for you to succeed? Here are few things to consider… Continue reading



Will Customer Service be the Trump Card for Modern Marketing?

We now live in the most information saturated society in history. And can you guess what kind of information people DON'T want to see more of? That's right...advertising. Business owners need advertising; we can't stay in business without it. But customers have had enough of it. It's getting harder and harder to get people's attention these days...not to mention expensive.

I’ve seen PPC campaigns where companies are paying up to $10 for just a few seconds of someone’s attention. Even successful companies sometimes have to be willing to take a loss on their initial sales so that they can gain a new customer and make up their profits on the back end.

Considering this, how important do you think customer service is going to be in creating sustainable business growth? Will you be able to make enough new sales to make up for what you’re missing in customer retention and in follow up sales? Seems like risky business doesn’t it? More companies are realizing just how risky and unsustainable it is to depend heavily on new sales to keep cash coming into their business.

Many of them are realizing that customer service is the new trump card for growing your business, here’s why… Continue reading



Fulfillment: The Business Growth Strategy Most Marketers Aren’t Thinking About

Is your fulfillment company helping you market your business and gain new customers? Okay, maybe that’s not their job. But most business owners are focused so much on making new sales that they don’t even think about what’s happening after the sale is “closed.” They see fulfillment as part of their operations process.

But is a sale really completed just because someone has paid for a product? That all depends on what your business goals are and what it is that you’re really trying to sell to your customers. Are you simply selling products or are you in the trust business? If you’re in the trust business, you need to have the attitude Publix supermarkets used to have about sales. They believed that a sale wasn’t completed until the product was consumed and enjoyed by the customer.

That’s the exact same attitude your fulfillment house should have about delivering your products, handling customer inquiries and managing refund requests and charge backs. A fulfillment house that can do a fantastic job in these areas CAN help you grow your business by turning your existing customers into loyal promotes. Here are a few ways MSI has helped our customers do this…

Modern Consumers Demand Speed, We Deliver

Modern consumers are impatient and speed has now become an assumed part of the buying process. Technology now exists which can give them exactly what they want and without them having to wait for it. As a fulfillment company, MSI has seen the impact which a good fulfillment process can have on your bottom line through fast delivery.

We’ve seen companies who have very high refund rates because their fulfillment house is either taking too long to get orders delivered, or because they’re not available to respond to customer inquiries about the status of an order. There’s no excuse to lose a sale because the product couldn’t get delivered on time. That’s why we only use the best methods of delivery and keep our printing equipment in top shape, so your customers can get what they expect.

Modern Consumers Demand Accuracy, We Deliver

You’ve probably had the frustrating experience of ordering something and not getting exactly what you expected. Didn’t give you a very good impression of the company did it? And you’ve probably heard that a consumer who has a bad experience is more likely to complain than a consumer how has had a good experience. You can’t afford to work with a fulfillment house that sends accurate orders. This can cost you in poor online reviews, loss of repeat business and in extra shipping costs due to having to correct inaccurate orders.

MSI is proud to say that our customer retention rate has been over 90% for years now because we take order accuracy very seriously. Your fulfillment house should have a track record at least this good.

Modern Business Owners Demand Data, We Deliver

Our WMS system was designed by a business owner who understand how important it is for you to have quick and easy access to all the details about order status, inventory status, order pre-notification and real-time reporting access. The more you know about what’s happening with your customers, the more control you have and the more peace of mind you have in handling customer service challenges.

Is your fulfillment company giving you the speed, the accuracy and the control you need to run and to grow a thriving business? Are they making it easy for you to get great reviews from your customers? If not, it may be time to look into a different service.



Business Growth Paradigm Buster: Customer Service Trumps Marketing

Did you know that a fantastic fulfillment and customer service strategy can grow your business faster than a good marketing strategy? Most business owners assume that business growth is all about marketing, and it is. But they forget that a business is always marketing itself.

No matter what you’re selling or who you’re selling to, your customers are always evaluating your business. They’re evaluating it before they buy your product or service. They’re evaluating it after they buy.

Marketing, in the traditional sense of the word, usually refers to the marketing that’s done before a sale is made. It’s about connecting with prospects and turning those prospects into customers. But the other side of marketing is turning your existing customers into loyal promoters.

That’s done, not through marketing, but through customer service and fulfillment. THIS is the secret to creating explosive business growth. It turns your customers into an army of the most trusted sales people money can buy…but you don’t have to pay them!

Let’s look at some data from which was gathered from some consumer polls and surveys and see how your customers define great support and service…

The Facts on How Customer Service Drives Business Growth

Lack of customer support is a factor which contributes to high shopping cart abandonment rates online. According to, 37% of online shoppers claim that they abandon their purchase because they couldn’t contact the vendor. 30% of them abandon carts because they have a hard time getting help on the website. These are probably sites which were well marketed, but poorly supported.

Customers also claim that speed is important during a customer service experience. Over 71% of consumers expect to get support in five minutes or less, 31% expect immediate assistance. 48% of shoppers who aren’t helped right away will go somewhere else to make their purchase. 56% of online consumers expect to have their problems solved in one interaction.

The statistics also show that hiding behind an FAQ page, email ticketing system or support forum instead of allowing your customers to talk to a live person via chat or phone is a costly mistake. Nearly 60% of consumers want to have a choice about how they contact brands online. Nearly 60% of online consumers also prefer to speak with someone over the phone.

That’s how great customer support can increase your sales and make your marketing more effective. Now, let’s debunk a popular myth about the “expense” of customer service.

Customer Service, an Expense or an Investment?

It’s a mistake to think of customer service as an expense. Sure, it costs money to provide live support. But it’s costing a lot more to let your customers abandon their purchases, never to return to your site again. And how about after the purchase is made?

If customers expect quick and efficient support during the sales process, how much more will they expect it after they’ve spent money with your company? If you spend money on marketing to get customers to your site, yet lose them because of bad support, your marketing dollars become less effective.

But if you invest in great customer service, you can not only increase your sales, your customers are also more likely to tell people about the positive experience they had with your company. A happy customer is a great sales person, and you never had to pay them a commission. It’s 100% done for you marketing.

So if you want to grow your business, invest your money into creating exceptional customer service instead of just marketing.



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