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Are You Misusing Social Media?

You’re probably expecting a lecture about spamming. But that’s not how most Marketers are misusing social media marketing. Most of them are well-meaning business owners just trying to grab more market share.

But there’s a strategy to marketing online, and it’s completely different than the strategies that worked during the 20th century. The new economy has changed the way people make buying decisions. You already know this. When you buy something, you do a lot of research before you make a decision don’t you?

You look for companies you can trust. You look for online reviews. The companies who earn your trust through their online presence earn your business.

But something peculiar happens the moment you put your marketing hat on. You market using the same methods which businesses used before the internet. You create ads for your products and services and you try to get them in front of your target customers. If you’re tired of doing this, only to have your ads ignored, you’ll definitely want to read this…

Where is the “Marketing” in Social Media Marketing?

Social Media marketing is all about earning trust.

If social media marketing isn’t working for you, it might be because you’re trying to earn sales before earning trust. In his new book “No BS Trust-Based marketing,” Dan Kennedy claims that trust is the currency of the new economy.

This shouldn’t surprise any of us. Stephen Covey talked about it in his book “The 8th Habit,” and that was in the early 2000’s. If you want to earn money, you need to earn trust first. You do this, not by marketing to your prospective customers. You do during the follow up and fulfillment stage.

Customer service has become a powerful marketing tool. It helps you build relationships that naturally spur customers to write positive comments about your company. When these comments start showing up on social media sites, your brand becomes instantly more credible to prospective customers.

So if you want to leverage the full power of social media, stop trying to earn sales. Instead, start using great customer service to increase trust after the sale is made. Earning money will be a piece of cake after that. But if you try to do it backwards, you’re likely to spin your wheels trying to use social media as a direct marketing tool.

For example, according to B2B Lead Blog, only 12% of marketers considered social media to be “very effective” for lead generation. Nearly 30% of them claimed that it’s “not effective.” It’s SEO that makes the biggest dent when it comes to lead generation, but that’s not where most of the sales come from either.

According to MarketingSherpa, over 40% OF B2C marketers claim that SEO drives the traffic, only 29% claimed that it was a good source for conversions. Another 25% of them claimed that email had the highest conversion rate.

Are you starting to see how these three strategies (SEO, email and social media) work together?

SEO drives traffic and generates leads, but the relationship is built through email and that’s where the sale is made. Then, social media becomes the strategy for building relationships with existing customers in a place where your future customers can see your positive interactions.

If you’re going directly for the sale on your website, in your email and on social media sites, you’re just playing blind archery. You’re trying to earn as much business as possible through the direct marketing strategies that have become nearly irrelevant.

Is it time to restructure your online marketing strategy and to start building relationships? If so, call MSI at the number on this site and let’s talk about your online marketing strategy. Today’s marketplace is too saturated to rely on direct marketing alone. You need a strategy for building trust.

If you have that, the rest will take care of itself. Call MSI right now to get started.

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