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Are You Afraid of PPC Marketing?

PPC Marketing can be really profitable…if you know what you’re doing. PPC marketing can be a cash sucking vortex big enough to swallow up small planets…and an occasional business.

If you’re thinking about spending money on PPC marketing, you might be afraid of having Google or Bing hook a vacuum cleaner up to your bank account and suck all the money out, leaving you with one measly sale and maybe a couple leads.

That’s a healthy fear. PPC should be taken very seriously, because those clicks can add up fast.

But if you get three things right, PPC marketing could also be very profitable…

#1 Relevancy Rules

PPC marketing is all about relevancy.

Your ads, your offers and your PPC landing page should ALL be relevant to the specific conversation going on in the customer’s mind when they type in your keyword. For example, if your customer types in “PPC Marketing Services,” you need to use that exact terminology on the PPC ad, the headline of your landing page, in the content on your landing page and when you ask for the sale or the lead.

Sometimes this means creating multiple landing pages, but the results will be worth the effort. PPC marketing beginners sometimes bid on several keywords and try to send all the traffic to one page.

For example, they might have an ad group that looks like this…

·         PPC Marketing Services

·         SEM Consultant

·         Search Engine Marketing Training

…then, they send all the traffic for these three keywords to one page with a generic message about PPC marketing services, or perhaps a training course. This is bad move, and if you do this, your customers will bounce off your landing page like grease popping of a hot skillet.

You can’t talk to a customer searching for “PPC Marketing Services” the same as you’d talk to one searching for “Search Engine Marketing Training.” As far as they’re concerned, each of these customers are thinking about something slightly different.

If you try to write a message that appeals to all of them, your landing page conversion rate will be low…and you’ll still have to pay for the traffic you drove away. So a good PPC campaign needs a good message before anything else.

#2: Get Help from Your Customers

Never invest in PPC without using customer reviews to ensure your conversions.

Reviews bring down fear barriers and make your new visitors MUCH more likely to buy. Wouldn’t YOU be more likely to respond to an ad which had a few solid reviews?

If you don’t have authentic customer reviews and testimonials in a visible place on your landing page (preferable the top left corner or just below your headline), you’re leaving money on the table. NO advertisement, no matter how good, can outsell a couple of strong customer reviews. It’s as good as having an insurance policy on your PPC campaigns.

So while it’s smart to hire a professional copywriter to craft your sales message and a professional designer to give your landing page a professional look, you need customer reviews.

#3 Split Test

Split testing is one of the gems of PPC marketing. When you split test, you’re literally getting your customers to tell you what they want to see in your ads and on your landing page.

You can split test two ads for a specific keyword or keyword group. You can split test two landing pages and see which headline is more effective. You can split test offers, price points and dozens of other metrics.

Once you find out what works, you can increase your PPC budget knowing that you’ve got an ad, a landing page and an offer that will bring you profits. Without split testing, you’re just guessing and guessing is how people lose money in PPC Marketing.

So don’t be afraid of PPC marketing. Make relevance your #1 priority, post your best customer reviews on a conspicuous place on your landing page and ALWAYS be split testing and tweaking your offers.


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