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Are Direct Mail Marketers Keeping the USPS in Business?

Direct mail marketing is more than just a strategy for acquiring new customers. It’s also the lifeblood of the United States Postal Service and an important force in keeping the US economy humming.

For example, in 2012, 160 billion pieces of mail were sent, 47% of them were direct mail advertisements. That’s nearly 80 billion pieces of mail, all which were sent to connect businesses to consumers and to keep our economy humming.

Direct mail marketing provides much of the economic fuel which the USPS needs to keep their postal workers staffed and their trucks running. If direct mail were to stop altogether, the USPS probably wouldn’t be able to support itself from the dollars paid to mail regular letters.

But that’s not all direct mail marketing does. Direct mail is also very positive for our local and national economy.

Direct Mail is a Driving Force in Our Economy

In 2011, the Epsilon Research Channel Preference Study revealed that direct mail is still the top choice of US and Canadian businesses. If you’re someone who believes in “taking care of our own,” and supporting US based businesses, you should be happy to know that a majority of the marketing mail is being sent by American businesses.

Almost all of the marketing mail sent by the USPS comes from an American based company. When a customer responds by purchasing a product or a service, that’s more money being pumped into our National economy.

I know, I sound like a direct mail patriot. But my goal in this blog is to change the way you think about direct mail. Don’t think of it as sending “junk mail” that no one will want to read. According to consumer surveys, 26% of consumers consider direct mail to be the most trustworthy kind of advertisement. Only 6% considered Social media to be the most trustworthy and only 18% said that email was the most trustworthy.

Clearly, information age consumers are interesting getting direct mail. It’s influencing their buying decisions and it’s helping them connect with companies they trust.

Want More New Business? Try Direct Mail

If you’re tired of scraping up customers through cold calling and radio ads, you need to try direct mail marketing. Direct mail is a powerful customer acquisition strategy, especially considering that over the past few years, direct mail response rates have increased while email open rates have decreased.

Your business is an important economic force. You owe it to your prospective customers to let them know that you exist and that you’re a trusted brand. If you show up in their mailbox more often, you’ll have a much better chance at getting new business.

So if you’re ready to find out what direct mail marketing can do for your company, call MSI right now at the number on this site. We look forward to helping you succeed and to making another deposit into the American economy.

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