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Alta Vista Closing

This is a sad time for fans of Alta Vista Search. Many readers of this post are probably asking, "What is Alta Vista?" Alta Vista is not a place to go fishing with your friends or the name of a fancy resort or a trendy restaurant. For all of us that were using computers in the late 1990's, Alta Vista was the Google of the 90's.

I remember the excitement of using Alta Vista to search the web even though I was thoroughly aggravated by the snail slow speed of dial-up. But now Alta Vista will be closing forever on July 8, 2013. What happened to the search giant of the 90's?

Alta Vista was founded in 1995 by Digital Equipment Corporation and it was one of the first search engines. But Google started in 1998 and after the Dot Com crash in 2000, Google not only survived but became the search engine leader by becoming one of the best brands in history - you know the rest of the story.

So after 18 years in the search business, Alta Vista is closing. What is the lesson for Google and the other successful Internet giants of today? It's not how you start but how you finish!

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