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8 Things Online Marketers Do to Screw Up Their Success (Part II)

In the first blog of this series, I revealed the first four of the most common mistakes which online marketers make.  Remember that most online marketers fail because they make the same common mistakes. So if you avoid the eight mistakes which we cover in this series, you’ll have a much higher chance at succeeding with online marketing…

  1. Being too Generic

Do you have a USP?

I’m talking about a “unique selling position,” something which clearly demonstrates to your prospects and customers how you’re different (not better, different) than your competitors. Most online marketers don’t have a USP. They simply state the reasons why they believe they’re better than the competitor. They talk about their years of experience or rave about their “dedication to excellent service.” However, todays’ consumers are so information saturated that they HAVE to lump you into the category of other generic brands in your niche in order to keep their “mental filing system” simple.

The only thing to keep them from doing this is to put your product, your service or your brand into a category of its own; a category which YOU create through your USP. If you don’t have a USP, start working on one or hire a copywriter who specializes in unique brand creation. The investment of time and money will pay off once you have a brand that sets you apart from the competition.

  1. Sacrificing Personality for Visibility

The internet is one of the worst advertising mediums for companies who want to stand out amidst their competitors. I say this because if you go to Google and type in ANY type of business, product or service, you’ll find a ton of websites which are “optimized” for that search term. This means they’ll all say the exact same thing. Can you see the potential problem with this? Being too focused on SEO and optimized puts you, by default, into the exact same category with the hundreds (or thousands) of other people who are optimizing for that term.

Meanwhile, having a unique brand personality is the only way to stand out and to make your product, service or brand memorable. How do you know if you’re making this mistake? Just go to your website right now, read the content and the headlines and ask yourself whether you’re killing your brand personality in your attempt to rank for certain keywords. Remember that it won’t do any good to become visible if your ads look and sound like everyone else’s.

  1. Cutting Corners

When you hire a writer a designer or a coder for your online marketing campaigns, do you sacrifice quality for the sake of getting the best price? If so, your promotional messages and your designs probably show it. You might have a website that’s not coded right or you might end up losing a lot of potential customers because of slow loading times, mediocre designs and mediocre copywriting.

It’s important to consider these potential setbacks when you hire someone to work on your marketing campaigns or on your website. Are you going to LOSE future business because of the money that you save today? Most likely. And if this is the case, you’re probably going to have long term problems until you start focusing on investing value when hiring people to help with your marketing campaigns.

  1. Not Getting Help

I’ve seen online marketers burn up thousands and thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours of their time and tens of thousands of dollars in missed opportunities because they’re trying to figure things out on their own or reinvent the wheel. If you’ve been using online marketing for a few years and you’re still not where you want to be, you’re definitely making this final mistake.

You can turn that around today by calling the online marketing experts at MSI. Just call the number on this site to speak with one of our online marketing experts. Whether you hire us or not, you’re better off knowing where your blind spots are, and we can help you discover where those are. Call us now and tell us how we can help you be more successful in the online marketplace.

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