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8 Things Online Marketers Do to Screw Up Their Success (Part I)

So after more than ten years of helping small and large business owners and solo entrepreneurs succeed with their online marketing, I’ve discovered one important thing which I’m now convinced that every online marketer should know. I discovered this when I realized that, while most businesses fail with their online marketing, they all tend the make the same handful of mistakes. I’ve included the eight most common mistakes in this blog series and hope these can help you avoid the same blunders.

  1. Spamming

Becoming known as a spammer is the quickest way to turn people off with online marketing. Of course, every smart marketer knows this, but before you dismiss this and assume that you don’t spam people, I challenge you to look at your marketing and to ask whether other people could possibly label you as a spammer.

I say this because most spammers don’t realize that they’re spammers. In fact, many of them are well-meaning marketers who just aren’t aware of how to market without sounding like a sales person. Whether your intentions are to spam or to create real value, the final call isn’t yours to make. It’s all about how other people perceive your marketing messages.

Do they see you as a spammer or as a legitimate business which is genuinely out to create value you’re your customers? If you have any doubts about people’s perception of your marketing, have someone else look at your advertisements and ask them to give you an honest assessment of how “spammy” you’re being.

  1. Junk Lead Generation

Lead generation is important, but the KIND of leads you generate are more important than the number of leads you generate. Are you acquiring Facebook likes, Twitter followers and email subscribers but getting little or no engagement? If so, your lead generation strategies probably need some work. Some online marketers build lists of hundreds or even thousands of people, having heard that one list subscriber will equal about $1 a month in residual income.

But is this true if you’ve got 5,000 subscribers but 4,950 of them simply delete your emails from their inbox without opening them and without bothering to unsubscribe from your list? Of course it’s not. The money is in your relationship with your list, and having a few qualified leads is better than having dozens of junk leads

  1. “Burning” their Lists

You’ve probably heard online marketing experts say that the “money is in the list,” but that’s not the entire truth. Again, the money is in your relationship with your list. If you build a good list of qualified subscribers, only to send them nine advertisements and an occasional “non-promotional” email, you’ll burn the relationship with those prospects.

You can also burn your relationships with existing customers by over promoting. So it’s important to create a balance. At least half of your emails need to be helpful or entertaining and designed to build a relationship with their client. This will make your promotional emails much more effective when you do send them.

  1. Following the Gold Rush Mentality

Many online marketers get distracted by the recent trends on the internet. They’re constantly chasing after what’s working now instead of sticking with a consistent marketing plan which makes use of multiple, time-tested methods. Meanwhile, mature marketers use a combination of email marketing, PPC, SEO, social media, and offline marketing and they stay consistent. They don’t get distracted by the next hot thing on the internet

They know that the consistent and persistent application of sound fundamentals if hundreds of times more effective than the feverish chasing of trends.

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