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7 Most Common Direct Mail Marketing Mistakes

We all know that direct mail marketing can be an effective way of increasing your business’s bottom line. The problem, however, is that not doing it effectively can hurt your business.

Here are seven common mistakes you should avoid:

1. Poor content

The number one killer to any direct mail marketing campaign is lacklustre content. If you can’t grab your consumer’s interest within the first few seconds, your campaign is dead in the water. You need to make an impression right away. Otherwise, your letter has just become kindling for the fireplace.

2. Inadequate Research

You should never launch a direct mail marketing campaign without doing your homework first. Who is your target audience? What’s the best way to build your mailing list to capture your demographic? Is it the right time of year to be launching your campaign? What are your competitors doing? These are just some of the questions you should be asking and ultimately answer before you go any further. A well thought out campaign has a likelier chance of success.

3. Missing keywords

There are certain keywords that elicit consumer reactions and command attention. For example, one of those keywords is “free”.  It’s no secret that people love a good deal, but there’s something even more magical about the word free. Even if you’re offering something that people don’t want or need, they’ll still be drawn to it if there’s no cost. It’s human nature.

4. Lack of focus on the customer

Always remember that your customer should be at the heart of your campaign. Your letter shouldn’t be about your business; it should be about what you can do for the reader. Can you answer their need? And can you do it better than your competitor?

5.  No call to action

A call to action is still considered one of the most significant aspects of your marketing campaign. This should be included in the closing section of your letter. This is where you are calling the customer to perform a desired action in exchange for a particular benefit.

6. No thought given to the envelope

Believe it or not, the envelope you use matters. If it looks spammy or like a sales letter, there’s a good chance the consumer will toss it out without even reading it. Your envelope has to be inviting enough to make the person want to open it. You could try handwriting the information or adding something inside the envelope to evoke curiosity.

7. No follow-up

One big mistake that many businesses make is to launch their campaign and then wait for customers to take action. Sometimes customers need a little prodding or reminding. Your letter merely planted a seed. It’s never a bad idea to follow-up. You can do this in several ways. After a certain period of time has elapsed, you can follow-up with an e-mail, a phone call or another letter.

As a business owner, you’re faced with numerous decisions on a daily basis. Each decision is crucial because it either takes your business forward or backward.  These tips should hopefully save you a few hard decisions when planning your next direct mail marketing campaign.

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