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6 Things You Can Fix to Increase Your SERP Rankings

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Thinking about hiring an SEO company? Before you do, here are 6 things which you can fix in order to increase your search engine rankings within the next few weeks:

1. Bad Content

Bad content is probably the worst thing for your rankings. If your content isn’t great, people are going to leave your site after reading a few sentences. Most will leave sooner. If the content is bad enough, you can bet they won’t ever come back. Don’t have the money to hire a good writer? Hire one anyway and have them create only one or two posts a month. It’s better to have one or two strong articles created a month than to create dozens of mediocre ones.

2. Profile Links

Stop building profile links. If you’re paying someone to do link building for you, find out what kinds of links they’re building. While profile links have been harmful to SEO for years, many SEO companies and linking companies are still using them. If you’re working with a cheap link building company, you can bet they’re using either profile links or social media links. Either way, ask for a linking report and if they’re using profile links or junk social bookmarking, consider hiring a new SEO company.

3. Slow Load Times

Try your site out on a few different browsers and pay attention to how quickly your site loads. It should be nearly instantaneous. If it’s loading any slower, something needs to change. Dump the fancy graphics and the flash and focus instead on well-focused calls to action and good content. A site which is easy to navigate and which has great content has a much better chance at ranking higher and getting you conversions than a site loaded down with fancy designs.

4. No Privacy policy or TOS

You need a link to these on your home page and the link needs to be in a relatively easy to find place. Sites which don’t publish their privacy policies and terms of service are considered to be less credible in the eyes of the search engine companies. If you don’t have these written, you can easily get them done for only a few dollars. Chances are, no one will ever read them so they don’t have to be written perfectly. You just need to have them in a visible place on your website.

5. Hard to Find Contact Information

If your contact information is hard to find, you’re going to lose conversions and lost conversions equals lost rankings. Marketing research reveals that this is the leading cause of abandoned purchases. Include your address, your phone number and your company email on your contact page and place a link to the contact page in an obvious place, preferably your main navigation bar.

6. Broken Code

Broken code might not show up when your visitors land on your site. But it creates confusion for the search engine spiders and makes it hard for them to crawl and index your content. Have a good web design company diagnose your website and find out where your code is broken and get it fixed. Have them move your CSS to external style sheets and your JavaScript’s to external files.

With a little bit of work these six fixes will quickly bring you closer to your SEO goals.

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