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5 Ways to Survive the “SEO Apocalypse”

You need more traffic to your site. You need this traffic coming to your site for a long time. You can’t afford to have the next Google update cast your website into the bottomless pit where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

But the next “SEO Apocalypse” IS coming.  It will likely be named after an adorable little animal like a Panda or a Penguin. Heck it might be named after a sheep…one with big teeth and claws, like a wolf. But you can bet the next Google update will devour some websites, leaving hundreds online marketers and business owners feeling like outcasts.

If you want to survive this coming apocalypse, here’s what you’ll need to do…

#1: Obey the Big G

Google doesn’t own the internet, but if there were an auction, they’d be the first in line. Since most of your online traffic will come from Google, your online success is at the mercy of Google’s rules.

Bottom line, don’t try to fool them. Don’t hire anyone who tries to fool them. You might “get away” with it for a while, but as Google updates their technology, they’ll get better at foiling your plans. When they do, your website will sit on the seat of judgment. If it’s found unworthy, it could be forever banished from the kingdom of Google or buried under dozens of your competitors.

#2: Keep Creating Good Content

Imagine Google (or any search engine) releasing a rule that said:

“High quality, well written and informative content is now against our webmaster guidelines. Any website publishing this kind of content will be penalized.”

This will NEVER happen.

People love good content. Many times reading content is how they make their buying decisions. Websites with good content are highly unlikely to EVER be penalized by Google, and even if they are (on accident, as some were during the Panda update), they’ll recover in no time. So if you want long term rankings and traffic, make good content your #1 priority.

#3: Build a Social Media Presence

Social Media is taking over the internet. In fact, we suspect that there will soon be virtually no difference between Social Media and good SEO practices. You should already be building a strong Social Media presence, gaining Facebook fans, Twitter followers, You Tube subscribers and LinkedIn connections.

You should be publishing your content where your social connections can see it and getting them to like your blogs, tweet your blogs and comment on your blogs. Google has the technology for measuring the “Social Value” of your pages by looking at how many likes it has or how many comments you’ve collected.

So if you want to survive the SEO doomsday, start collecting popularity votes using Social Media.

#4: Be Careful What You Read

SEO is an unregulated industry, at least for now. Anyone interested in making money as an “SEO Expert” can start a blog or a newsletter and start writing posts about SEO to “build their reputation.” There are a lot of them out there and a lot of them are wrong.

These false prophets can lead you down that long and broad road to destruction, so read with caution. If something sounds “spammy” or if they’re talking about techniques that worked years ago, get a second opinion…or even a third and fourth.

Subscribe to a few authority SEO blogs (like this one) and test everything you read against what the experts are saying.

#5: Stockpile Reviews to Prepare for Google

Authentic customer reviews will be the trump card for getting search rankings, especially for local businesses.

Just do a local search for your product or service and see what comes up on the first half of Google page one. You’ll see a LOT of customer reviews. In many cases, reviews for a business are even outranking the businesses website.

There will be more of this coming, you can bet on it. Consumers love reviews more than they love advertising. So if you want to survive the next day of Google’s judgment, get the help of your customers. Start earning and asking for those online reviews, keep doing it, never stop.

Do everything possible to get ready for Google...and do it now!   

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