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5 Things Nail Patel Has Taught Us About SEO

If you’re into SEO and online marketing, you’ve certainly heard of Neil Patel. He’s creating a stir in the world of online marketing because he’s built up a huge following as a single blogger. How is it that he can do this while entire companies are struggling just to get a few hundred hits a month of traffic? Here are five important things I’ve discovered from following Neil…

  1. SEO is About Engagement

The internet is socially driven. If people like you, you’re going to rank well in the search engine results. You’re going to sell plenty of products, get plenty of leads and make plenty of money. The problem is that most marketers are trying too hard to be liked by everybody instead of targeting a small niche audience. If you try to get everyone to like you, no one will love you.

Find out who your target market it, then make it clear that you love what they love and that you hate what they hate. Don’t worry about being PC and don’t be afraid of controversy. Just be yourself and you’ll have an easier time engaging like-minded people with your content.

  1. Revenue Beats Rankings

One of Neil’s Facebook ads talked about how many companies focus too much on rankings and not enough on revenue. Nothing could be truer when it comes to SEO and internet marketing. SEO is really about making money, not about getting rankings. Rankings don’t always equal revenue, but if you focus on making revenue, you’re more likely to get traffic through viral marketing, referrals and social shares.

Many webmasters and marketers focus so much on making rankings that they alienate people. Their blogs and articles are over optimized and they’re trying to get rankings through volume instead of through quality.

Focus instead on earning revenue and remember that money moves through people. If you connect with people, you’ll earn more money and the rankings will take care of themselves.

  1. Content is the Oxygen of SEO

Content is king online, we all know that. But how much new content is being published on your website? This could be the one thing that’s holding you back from getting more traffic. Like all the other successful bloggers, Neil Patel is prolific. He writes a lot and he publishes a lot. You’ll notice that all the other great bloggers do the same thing.

They crank out a lot of high-quality content and they don’t take long breaks where they’re not publishing anything. If you don’t have time to do this, hire someone who can do it for you and keep it up for at least a year before you assume that it’s not working.

  1. SEO is a Process, Not an Event

Like other bloggers, Neil Patel didn’t “make it” overnight. He’s been blogging for a while and has put a lot of hard work into building up his following. Many marketers don’t do this. They post 10 blogs, see no traffic and they give up. That’s why many of them never get traction in the online marketplace. If you want more rankings, more traffic, more leads and more sales, focus on the process of creating and publishing and sharing your content and don’t worry about the results. If you’re patient, the results will come.

  1. Personality Sells

Look at blogs which aren’t ranking high in the search engines in comparison to those that are and you’ll notice a pattern: the authority bloggers are all personality driven. They don’t write like everyone else, they aren’t afraid to be edgy and controversial and they aren’t even afraid to go on a rant every now and then. Personality makes you stand out and it makes you memorable. If your company blog doesn’t have personality, you need to correct that right away.

Those are the five things I’ve noticed about Neil Patel’s approach to SEO. If you follow these rules, I’m sure you’ll be a lot better of this time next year.

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