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5 Interesting Reasons SEO is Getting Harder

Have you noticed that SEO service companies are still popping up all over the place? There’s a ton of information being published by self-proclaimed experts about what’s working now in SEO and what’s not. Yet, ranking at the top of the search engines is harder than ever….why is this? Check out these five interesting facts about why SEO is getting harder every year…

More Competition is Making SEO Harder

I’m sure you could have figured this out on your own. Thousands and thousands of web pages are added by the hour. New videos are posted, new blogs, new content on social media sites. It’s unbelievable how much information the search engines have to index these days. Obviously, a lot of these web pages aren’t even going to show up in the first 100, or even 1,000 pages of the search results.

More People Are Figuring it Out

SEO used to be a complete mystery to most people. In the old days of the internet you didn’t have to be great at SEO to rank high. You just have to know more than the average person. That’s all changed. These days, more and more people are starting to figure it out. So now we don’t just have thousands of web pages being published by people who don’t have a clue about SEO. Now we have thousands of SEO experts optimizing their pages, writing great content and creating social shares and high quality back links, making it harder to have your content selected as the best.

More People Are Still Clueless

While a lot of online marketers and webmasters are figuring out how to do SEO right, there are still plenty of new web pages being published by people who don’t have a clue. Many of them are creating spammy sites and trying to fool the search engines. This means the search engines have to be more and more selective in what to rank and what not to. So the rules are getting tougher. The standards are getting tougher and even the people who are doing SEO the right way have to work very hard just to become visible.

More People are Information Saturated

The internet and all the new information that came with it was fun at first. These days, people are getting more and more tired of information. They’re being more selective about clicking on links, signing up for newsletters and all those other things which are supposed to help your website rank high and generate leads. Because people are more information saturated than ever, webmasters have to create amazing content and make their sites very fast and efficient for users to find what they want.

More People are “Settling In”

People are starting to figure out what websites they like and what websites they don’t like. This means it’s getting harder for people creating new websites to earn people’s attention. Most of us have sites where we get the news and where we look for product reviews or referrals so that we can find the best company to do business with. This means it’s harder for new websites to earn people’s trust, especially if they’re providing similar information as a website which is already considered an authority.

Is SEO getting harder for you? Think critically about your SEO campaigns, stay up to date on news, especially Google updates, and make sure you avoid black hat tactics at all costs. While social media and content marketing are increasing in importance, SEO is still an essential aspect of web success.

Photo credit: SEOPlanter / Foter / CC BY

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