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5 Interesting Direct Mail Marketing Resources

Want to take your direct mail marketing to the next level? Check out these five cool and interesting resources for creating more professional and effective direct mail campaigns:

Resource #1: Bill Glazer’s book: Outrageous Advertising

Everything you’ll ever need to know about creating great direct mail pieces is in this book. The author, Bill Glazer, is paid as much as $20,000 a day to advise people on their direct mail marketing, but you can learn just about everything you need to know from reading this Outrageous Advertising book, and it costs less than $20.

I’ve seen information products being sold for thousands of dollars which didn’t have half the goodies that this book does. In fact, it’s not even a book at all. It’s more like a direct mail training manual, full of real life case studies and examples of successful direct mail marketing campaigns.

Resource #2: Desktop Program “Copydoodles”

Have you ever seen those direct mail pieces that look like they have real handwriting on them? You know, things are underlined and circled and highlighted as if the letter was hand written by  real person? This program is THE Program for creating those kind of direct mail pieces. It’s very cheap, comes with lifestyle upgrades and it runs directly on your lap top or desktop.

Resource #3: InfoUSA

InfoUSA is a list broker that sells consumer and business lists for sending direct mailers. Their information is phone verified and more accurate and dependable than most of the list brokers on the market. Of course, you’re going to pay a bit more for their lists. But it’s not much more, AND, it’s better to pay a premium fee for real leads than to pay ANY amount of money for a list of dead leads.

Resource #4: Dan Kennedy’s book: The Ultimate Sales Letter

Whether you’re writing your own copy or hiring a copywriter to create your direct mail messages, you need to read and use this book. Dan Kennedy has helped dozens of small business owners become multi-millionaires and the information in this book is based on those real–life examples. He covers everything, from how to get your mail delivered to how to get it opened and to how to get optimum responses. The information is simple and easy to grasp and apply.

Resource #5: Gerard Joffe’s book: How You Too Can Make At Least A Million Dollars in Direct Mail Marketing

This is an old book and it might be easy to assume that the strategies are out of date. But the principles in this book are actually more important now because of the interest. For example, the author talks about positioning an average product by connecting it to a unique brand that you create. This is the only way to keep the public from seeing your product as just another generic solution which is fighting for space into the Google search results. Joffe also teaches about how to build your list and how to manage products sales, fulfillment and customer service.

Again, all of these are essential to running a good business, and a lot of businesses are getting lazy about these things because of the emergence of virtual technology. If you know how to dig out the gems of wisdom, you could learn a LOT from reading this book.

Those are the five direct mail marketing resources. We hope you use them and have a lot of success.

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