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5 Evergreen Link Building Strategies for SEO

Linking building used to be the bread and butter of Search engine optimization. While this has changed in the past year, link building can still be a powerful method for increasing your search engine rankings.

However, it’s now more crucial than ever to use “white hat” link building. Otherwise, you could lose rankings and traffic or even be banned from Google’s search results. So in this blog, we’d like to share five white hat and evergreen link building strategies.

Linking Strategy #1: Create Link Bait

Creating link bait is the most dependable means of creating natural back links. It takes patience and hard work, but the rewards are worth it. Here are five link baiting strategies that can bring you hundreds or thousands of natural backlinks:

1.Free links to useful downloads (software or web applications are best).

2.Up to date, news worthy content

3.Content with a high entertainment value (humor etc)

4.Content with solid, credible insights and information

5.Content that creates user engagement (blog comments etc)

How do you know if you’re creating genuine link bait? Just look at how many people are linking to your content. If you’re not getting any natural links, you’re probably not investing enough time or money into creating valuable link bait.  

Linking Strategy #2: Guest Blogging

Some SEO experts believe guest blogging died with the Panda update. We disagree. The Panda update sunk a lot of junk blogs, so if you were guest posting on these types of blogs, you might assume the Panda update was an attack on guest bloggers.

But guest blogging still works as long as you’re sharing your posts on high value, authority blogs. This, of course, takes work since owners of authority blogs are very selective in who they allow to post. But again, if you do the work and if you’re patient, guest blogging can be a great way to build an authority site.

Linking Strategy #3: Social Sharing

Sharing links to your content on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn is still a smart link building strategy. Some SEO experts disagree with this, but it all depends on how you’re sharing your content on social media sites. If you’re just posting to get the link, you’re doing it wrong. The key is to get people engaged even while you’re not posting so that they’ll click through to the link.

Google can track when a link is generating traffic and when a link is generating no traffic. Links that generate traffic are considered more natural and valuable. So if you have a good following on Facebook or Twitter and your followers/friends are clicking on your content, don’t let the naysayers discourage you from social bookmarking.

It can still be a good link building strategy; all you need is good content and a strong following on the social networks where you’re sharing your links.

Linking Strategy #4: Directory Submission

Directory submission can still be an effective link building strategy, IF you don’t abuse it. As with guest blogging and social bookmarking, it all depends on how and where you build your links. If you treat it like a quality game instead of a numbers game, it can work splendidly.

But submitting your site to hundreds of thousands of mediocre or junk directories is a bad idea. Focus on directory sites like Yahoo and Dmoz - the high value directories. A backlink from these sites is worth more than thousands of links from garbage directories.

Linking Strategy #5: Zen

The most important strategy for SEO is patience.

Creating link bait, posting only on high value blogs, building a strong social following and submitting only to a few high value directories….these are all slow processes.

But building your rankings and traffic is like building trust in a long term relationship, slow is actually faster than fast. So don’t be in a hurry. Stick with these five evergreen back linking methods and you’ll enjoy evergreen rankings and traffic. 

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