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4 Link Bait Worthy Blogging Styles

Looking to create natural back links for your site?  You need to master the art of link baiting.  Link baiting is simply creating content that readers find entertaining, educational and valuable enough to share on social media and link to.  Not only will this content create links that drive up your rankings and SEO, the links are organic and create the type of buzz that gets you noticed.

Creating link bait is time consuming but relatively easy once you master the concept.  There are really only four simple blogging styles you need to understand to create content that hooks interest and results in links.

Bait #1 – The Educational “How To” Post

Are you an expert?  Would you like to be?  Create a series of educational posts with clear instructions on how to solve a problem or handle a complex task.  People are searching for step by step guidance on a variety of topics.  When they find a post that offers understandable guidance accompanied by screen shots or a video they share it, link to it, and talk about it with their friends.

Finding ideas for this type of post is easy.  Pick a topic or niche and look for a forum with user questions and comments.  Find a few questions you can answer and you’re in business.  Writing a series of posts that offer guidance on hot forum topics establishes you as an expert and conveys instant credibility.

Want your post to go viral?  Add tasteful humor or a funny video that draws a smile or an outright guffaw.  That’s something worthy of sharing!

Bait #2 – The Controversial Post

Do you have something to say?  Can you handle the heat of debate and respond to heated comments with respect and dignity?  Consider expressing your opinion in a controversial post.  Controversial opinions, when expressed boldly and tastefully, attract a lot of attention.  They can even go viral quickly and stay there.

The key to a controversial post is respect.  Posts like these draw lots and lots of comments and not all of those comments are friendly.  Your post must respectfully and boldly share opinions or thoughts and then encourage comments.  While you can be inflammatory, you must never be offensive.

The comments will start pouring in.  Be prepared to respond respectfully.  Your goal is to encourage debate that attracts attention not start an idea war that leaves offended people turned off to your content.

You can only go to the controversial post when you have passion about the topic.  Without a genuine passion for your position your post will lack credibility and hurt you in the long run.  Throwing in a controversial post occasionally, however, is good for your reputation and your SEO.

Bait #3 – The Ever Popular List

People love lists.  They make lists, look for lists and enjoy reading lists.  The topics for a list post are infinite.  Simply compile a list of any number (3, 7, 12, 100) of opinions, facts, tips, or items and you have the raw material for a list post.

Your list doesn’t have to educate or instruct.  It can be silly, funny, or just plain dumb and attract the attention you need.  Lists of trivia are always winners.  If you can combine valuable information with humor you’ve really got a winner.

Here are some easy rules for creating list posts...

  • Use the numeral in the title rather than the word.  For example, “10 ways to lose weight” is better than “Ten ways…”
  • Mix things up by including surprising items or adding things that don’t seem to fit just because you want to.  Keep the reader guessing (and smiling.)
  • Count up or down in your list.  Using a progression gives logic to your post and makes it more reader friendly.

Consider encouraging readers to comment and share their additions to your list.  Just because you’ve listed your “Top 10 Movies of all Time” doesn’t mean everyone agrees with you.

Bait #4 – Newsworthy Posts

What’s hot right now?  Trendy, newsworthy topics make great posts.  Find a topic that is trending high right now and create a well written post that presents the topic an original way and you’ve got a winner.

Newsworthy posts are all about quality and creativity.  You must perfect your writing style and offer an engaging perspective to create the buzz you’re looking for.   Simply rewriting a news article on a topic won’t cut it.

Pay attention to format and create catchy headlines and subheadings for your post.  Offer a unique spin by highlighting a portion of the topic and making it relevant to the reader.  For example, there are lots of posts about unemployment.  Your article about finding humor in a job search presents new and engaging content worthy of sharing.


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