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3 Web Design Errors that Could Cost You Thousands

Web development is an important investment for your business.  With the proper design, your website will inform visitors about your products and services, establish credibility for you in the marketplace, and generate leads and revenue for your business.  You need to get it right.

Mistake #1 – Making it Beautiful instead of Marketable

Unless you are an artist or designer, your website is a marketing tool to attract and inform visitors and convert them into buying customers.  One of the most common mistakes businesses make is hiring a web designer who can create amazing graphics and beautiful web pages but doesn’t have a clue about marketing.  The result is a beautiful site and very little revenue.

Search engine optimization is more important than aesthetics.  What is the point of a beautiful site if it doesn’t come up in a Google search?  Building an SEO friendly site requires an understanding of search engines and the design features that encourage them to rank your page highly.  Features like friendly URLs, tags, and site maps matter more than the color scheme or image selection.

A marketing savvy web designer understands the power of social media and how to make your site welcoming to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest users.  Strategies like these along with internal page links and link bait worthy blog posts boost your site’s visibility and search engine optimization.

Rather than designing complex graphics, a marketing focused web designer will use media like video and sound clips to create a buzz about your website and your business.  Your site will build your brand, engage your visitors, and generate revenue.

Mistake #2 – Redesign after Redesign 

At the beginning of the web development process you worked with your web designer to share your vision for the site.  Hopefully you communicated a concept that gave the designer an understanding of the mission and values of your business and a mental picture of your ideal customer.  Certainly you shared product information and the ways your product is positioned in the marketplace.

You’ve established a plan for your website.  See that plan through to the end.

Many businesses make the mistake of requesting redesign after redesign during the web development process.  Changing your mind in the middle creates sometimes thousands of dollars in rework not to mention weeks or even months of delay.

To avoid this kind of costly redesign, make sure you select your web designer carefully.  If the designer is creative, understands marketing and has a great portfolio then trust them.  Communicate clearly, be available for questions and support the process.  Don’t change it based on personal preference or indecision.

Mistake #3 – Who Needs Promotion?

Designing a site without paying to promote it is a common web design error that limits the effectiveness of your website.  It also cuts into the ROI of your web development strategy.  Limiting the potential of your website like this can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Your internet marketing strategy should include paying to include your website in listings and directories like  If your business is a part of a niche industry, you should consider purchasing listings in industry specific directories as well.

Consider pay per click (PPC) advertising with sites such as Google Adwords to drive traffic to your site.  Consider also buying advertising space in an email newsletter or subscriber based website.  These ads have the potential or reaching a huge number of potential customers.

You can also promote your business through social media and direct mail marketing.  Contests, free promotional items, and discounts tied to your website drive traffic, create interest and keep people engaged in your website and your business.

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