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3 Ways to Power Your Direct Mail Profits Using Social Media

Direct mail has been a powerful, profit driving marketing strategy for decades.

However, it can also get expensive, especially if it doesn’t convert as well as you’d hoped. Perhaps that’s why everyone is talking about Social Media marketing now. Why bother with direct mail when you can just use Social Media to get access to floods of customers without spending a dime on printing?

A better question would be…why not use both?

In this article, we’ll show you three ways to use Social Media AND direct mail to get more new leads, to drive more new sales and to increase your company profits.

#1: Direct Mail + “Pay With a Like” Offers

The “old school” method of direct mail relied mostly on conversions. If you didn’t make the sale on the first mailing, you had to mail again and again hoping the customer would “get it” the third, fourth or fifth time.

By using Social Media in your direct mail offers, you can create a connection and use that connection to follow up on your original mailing. A great example is using a “pay with a like” offer to invite your customers to like your Facebook page in exchange for a freebie product or a digital discount code.

Most consumers have smart phones, and a lot of them use their smart phones to stay connected with their friends on Facebook. If you create an online offer which delivers a free product, coupon or download to all your new Facebook fans, you can include this offer in your direct mail using a QR code.

This way, you capture fans on your Facebook page and have the chance to market to them again and again without paying for extra printing.

#2: Direct Mail + Verified Testimonials and Reviews

The most powerful thing about Social Media is its ability to validate how socially trusted your company is. You don’t always have to connect with customers online to demonstrate your company’s social proof either.  By using Social Media and direct mail together, you can deliver social proof directly to your customer’s mailbox.

Imagine having a QR code on your direct mail piece that linked directly to your company reviews on Yelp, Facebook or Google local. The customer could then simply scan the QR code using their mobile device, and suddenly have access to dozens of positive reviews about your company, all of which were connected to real Social Media accounts.

The other option would be to simply print testimonials on your direct mail pieces…but how does the customer know those testimonials are even real? By connecting your reviews to real Google +, Yelp or Facebook accounts, you eliminate this fear by giving your prospect a way to instantly verify your social proof.

#3: Direct Mail + Video Testimonials

If you really want to power up your direct mail profits using social proof, include video testimonials in your direct mail pieces. You’ll need a YouTube channel with some video testimonials from your customers to make this happen; but with these in place, you can use a QR code to send prospects to your YouTube page where they’ll see video testimonials from your happy customers.

Imagine using this strategy in conjunction with the reviews on your company Facebook page, on Yelp or on Google local and adding your “pay with a like” offer to increase your lead capture.

Just try them out when you do your next mailing. You’ll discover that Social Media and direct mail working together can drive more leads, more sales and increase profits faster than either method could on their own.

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