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3 Uncommon Ways to Use Online Marketing to Get More Qualified Leads

Photo credit: Johan Larsson / Foter / CC BY

Online marketing is one of the most popular methods of lead generation. However, for many marketers, it’s also become one of the most frustrating, especially over the past few years. These days, you can have thousands of subscribers on your email list, thousands of Facebook likes, Twitter followers and You Tube fans, but little or no sales as a result.

Does this sound familiar? If so, I’d like to introduce you to three uncommon ways to get more qualified leads using online marketing.

Method #1: Using Online Marketing to Fuel Offline Campaigns

When you generate a lead online, you don’t always have to use online marketing to follow up on that lead. Email open rates are declining at an alarming rate, yet direct mail response rates have been going up. This surprises a lot of people because they’ve been lured astray by all the statistics about how many people use the internet.

But marketing isn’t always a numbers game. If you have 10,000 people on your email list, but over 90% of them never read your emails and never unsubscribe from your list, you’ve got a false sense of value in your list because it’s full of “dead leads.” What if you were to build a list of only 3,000 subscribers but you had their emails and their physical addresses to follow up with?

You might only have 1,000 engaged subscribers. But they’ll be more likely to become buyers because they’re more engaged. As you can see, the numbers can be deceiving. If you’re going to use online marketing to get leads, don’t limit yourself to following up with them using ONLY online marketing.

Use this low cost marketing strategy to get people on your warm list, but invest some money into following up with those subscribers and turning them into buyers and loyal promoters through direct mail.

Method #2: Using Paid Products to Build Your List

A lot of marketing experts are still advising giveaways as a method for building a list. They advise you to give away valuable information in exchange for people’s email addresses. But have you noticed that people aren’t as excited as they used to be about getting free information? There’s free information all over the internet, and even if your information really is better, giving away a product instantly lowers that product’s perceived value.

Try selling a low cost product instead and start building your subscriber list that way. The direct mail expert, Gerardo Joffe (who created multiple million dollar direct mail businesses) used low cost products like ebooks to build his lists, and from there be built multi-million dollar direct mail businesses. This works because people who have paid for products are more likely to buy other products from you.

So while selling a product might reduce the size of your list, you’ll have a list of people who will actually purchase your products and services, and that’s the whole point of building a list in the first place. Again, it’s not about how many subscribers you have. It’s about how much profit you can make.

Method #3: Using Email Marketing to Segment Your Subscriber List
If you have only one list of subscribers, you’re not doing lead generation right. You need multiple lists so you can customize your follow up campaigns according to where and how you found your leads. Email marketing allows you to sort customers onto subscriber lists according to what opt-in offer they responded to. This can be very important when creating campaigns for turning leads into sales.

People who opted into your offers by downloading a $5 kindle book or white paper will require a different follow campaign than the customers who have spent a few hundred dollars on your products or services. This is why you should use email marketing to segment your lists according to their past buying behaviors and promote products and services which they’re most likely to respond to.

Want to get more qualified leads? Start using your online marketing efforts to fuel direct mail, build your lists using paid products and segment those subscribers into different lists so you can customize your follow up campaigns. Remember that lead generation isn’t a numbers game, it’s about quality. These three simple methods will help you to make profits your primary priority.

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