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3 Surprising Ways to Use Direct Mail to Get More Clients

Need more calls and more walk ins for your small business? Why not give direct mail marketing a try? I know, you’re probably thinking that it’s more expensive than email and SEO. But is it really? Let me share three stories with you which might change your mind about that…

Direct Mail Success Story #1: The Broke to Rich Carpet Cleaner

I was at one of Dan Kennedy’s seminars for small business marketing last month and one of the speakers was the ex-owner of a carpet cleaning business. His name was Joe Polish. This guy was making less than $2,000 a month, yet one simple decision to use direct mail in conjunction with a free recorded message got him earning over $10,000 a month. Today, he makes millions, and from what I understand, he keeps most of it.

How did he do it?

He created a simple direct mail piece that worked. Then he mailed it. Then he mailed it again. Then he mailed it again. It kept working so he kept mailing it. Imagine that. No more guessing about how to get new business. Instead, you have a simple direct mail campaign which you use again and again and again…every time you need to create new business. That’s a simple example of how you can get more clients, without having to constantly brainstorm new marketing campaigns.

Direct Mail Success Story #2: The Fitness Center Who Recruited an Unlikely Sales Team

One of our partners reported a success story from a small fitness center in Cleveland, Ohio who used this simple direct mail campaign to double their monthly memberships:

  1. Printed their best 12 customer testimonials (with before and after shots) on a flyer.

  2. Added a simple offer to the flyer

  3. Mailed the flyer and follow up with a phone call.

  4. Repeated this every 2 weeks.

Over a period of just six months, it more than doubled their business. Imagine where that company will be in the next 18 months, or the next 24 months…or the next 5 years. Once again, they’ve solved the problem of having to worry about where their next customer will come from. They’ve used their customer base to build a virtual sales team by sending testimonials out in the mail every month. It worked…and if you have even a handful of client testimonials, there’s no reason you can’t do the same thing.

Direct Mail Success Story #3: The Doctor Who “Fired Himself”

I read another success story, just last month, about a doctor who created his own line of private label products and started selling them using direct mail. He built up a mailing list and continued to market his products to that list. In time, his mail order business became so successful that it was making nearly as much as his practice. He did this because, instead of limiting himself to his local market, he used direct mail marketing to reach prospects all over the world.

Today, he no longer has a private practice. He’s built a completely automated direct mail campaign which he uses to sell his loyal customers his private label products. That’s the power of using direct mail to get new customers and to follow up on existing customers and sell them more products and/or services.

Now, consider these three direct mail success stories, and ask yourself why you can’t do the same thing with your business. If this interests you, we can help.

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