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3 Startling Statistics Reveal that Your Web Design Strategy DOES Impact OFFLINE Sales

Did you that know your company web design strategy could dramatically impact your offline sales? According to Forrester Research, a whopping $1.1 Trillion of all retail sales in 2011 were “Web-Influenced.” That’s a staggering statistic, especially considering that only $173 billion in total sales were made online.

Now, think about your online presence, your company website, your blog, your social media pages. How easy is it for your prospective customers to find you online? Is it easier for them to find your competitors’ websites? Is your company website providing content that will properly educate your customers on the value of doing business with YOU instead of with the competition?

If not, that’s your first clue as to why your offline sales aren’t where you want them to be. Is it time to hire a professional web design team yet? If you’re still on the fence, let’s see just how much of an impact this statistic could have on your industry in 2013…

Is Your Industry On This List?

According to the Forrester Research study, there were a handful of industries which had offline sales that were most impacted by online research:

  • Automobile
  • Education
  • Furniture
  • Financial Services

J.D. Powers and associates estimated that a mind-boggling 90% of potential car purchases were made after doing research online. Can you imagine what this could mean if those customers found valuable information on YOUR website about how to make a smart purchase?

Or, what could it mean if your competitor (aka, the brick and mortar business just down the road) currently has a website that outranks yours in the search results? What if THEY are providing valuable and relevant content? Content which is designed, not just to sell, but to educate potential customers on how to make a smart purchase decision?

If so, maybe it’s time to do something about the sales your missing out on because of your lack of a strong online presence…

Are You Paying the Hidden Cost of Poor Website Design?

Are you starting to see the hidden cost of NOT having a well-structured, high ranking website with great content and an email form which allowed you to collect your customers’ contact information and contact them BEFORE they find your competitor?

If so, you need to pick up your phone and call MSI right now because 2013 is going to be the year to build a strong online presence.

Several online research firms have estimated that in 2013, the number of offline sales influenced by online research will increase dramatically. Future Google search updates will continue to reward sites which are user-friendly, engaging and full of good relevant and informative content.

Will your business be ready for it? Will you continue to lose opportunities because customers searching for solid information about making a smart purchase decision either aren’t finding your website or are quickly leaving it because they find only advertisements instead of the information they need to make a good purchase decision?

If this concerns you, call MSI immediately at the number on this site. If you become the “go to” source for influencing offline purchases, you’ll dominate your competitors online AND offline.

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