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3 “Must Dos” for Direct Mail Marketing

Need more customers?

Why not try direct mail marketing?

If you’re not already using direct mail, you’re probably worried about printing costs, design costs, the cost of hiring a professional copywriter, the cost of buying leads and of having the mail delivered. You have to recover those costs and have enough profit left over to make direct mail marketing worth your time.

Why not just use email marketing, SEO or Social Media?

Because if you do these three things, ALL your campaigns costs will be recovered, you’ll get plenty of new business and you’ll build up your company equity.

#1: Think Small & Narrow Instead of Wide & Broad

Who is your ideal customer? Look at your existing customer base and see if you can find patterns. Are more of them male or female? What age range do they belong to? What’s their average income level? Is there a zip code in your city where the majority of your customers come from?

Find out as much as you can about the people who have bought from you already. Then, create a small and narrowly focused mailing list instead of a big untargeted list. Then, design an offer and a sales letter that’s specifically customized for your target customer. You’ll get a much higher response rate than you’d ever get by sending a general offer to a general list.

#2: Create a Multi-Step, Urgency Driven Campaign

When direct mail marketing, use a multi-step strategy instead of just sending one offer in one letter. Make the campaign a “countdown” to the close of a limited time offer, like this:

1.     Letter #1: send them an offer to buy your product at a discount or to get a free bonus for responding within the 30 day promotional window.

2.     Letter #2: let them know how many orders you’ve had and remind them that their time is running out. You can also add a “sweetener” to this mailing, just be sure you don’t send the enhanced offer to the people who have already bought!

3.     Letter #3: make this your final offer and let the customer know that the offer won’t be available if they delay this time.

The customers who respond on your second or third mailing are probably people who intended to respond the first time, they just never got around to it. If you mail only once or if you don’t use a limited time offer, you’ll miss these customers.

#3: Solicit & Post Reviews from Buyers

After your campaign has been completed, follow up with your buyers via phone and email, just to ask them how their experience was. When you get a positive response, tell them you’d love to get their feedback and have a system in place for collecting reviews.

The secret is to get these reviews posted online where your future customers can see them. A positive online review is as good as money in the bank. It will refer business over and over…many times from people who were looking for your competitors.

Use these reviews to beef up your online marketing campaigns and your future mailings by printing the reviews on your sales letters, posting them on your PPC landing pages, your lead capture offers and on your social media pages. This will make your future mailings and your online campaigns more profitable by increasing your conversation rate.

If you do these three simple things, direct mail marketing will help you create new business on demand and to ride right over your competitors.  

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