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3 Dynamite Direct Mail Marketers Tips

Using direct mail marketing? Here are three tips that can help you turn a simple campaign into a raving success:

#1: Start With Positioning
Positioning is the most important part of marketing. If you position your product or service as something which is completely new and different than anything else in its niche, you won’t have to worry about your prospects going to Google to look for a cheaper alternative. A great example of positioning is the ant farm. This product started as an educational tool being used by teachers in classrooms. Then, the direct mail master Gerardo Joffe got a hold of it and repositioned it as toy.

Another great example is the pet rock. A rock was repositioned as something completely new and different, and it made a fortune for its creator. But it was just a rock. Another example is Blueblocker sunglasses, which were sold as a completely different solution even using the rather bold claim:

“They look like sunglasses.”

Duh, they WERE sunglasses, but they made a fortune in sales because someone positioned them as more than just another pair of sunglasses. Create a positioning strategy for your product or service and who knows what kind of results you can get.

#2: Create a Strategy, Not Just a Mailing
The poorest direct mail marketing strategy is the single flyer approach. You send it out once and hope it gets enough phone calls to justify the money invested into sending it.

The most successful direct mail marketing campaigns are multi-step and follow a strategy from the first letter right down to the last one. For example, your first flyer/letter might introduce the offer. The second one will remind the non-buyers of the offer and of the expiration date, same with the third flyer. The final flyer can be sent as a final notice and capture all the buyers who didn’t buy the first three times around.

Marketing research varies on how many impressions it will take for someone to become a customer, but all the research points to one fact: you need more than one contact. In some cases, you need several contacts. So don’t just mail once. Create a strategy and test it by mailing the entire multi-step campaign once. Then refine it based on the responses. Then test it again. Keep doing this until you’ve created something that works every time you mail it.

#3: Refine Your Mailing List
If you’re doing direct mail marketing right, you should be narrowing your list every time you mail. Look at the people who bought from you the first time and find the common denominators:

  • What’s their general geographic location?

  • What’s their age range?

  • What’s their income level?

  • What’s their sex?

Market research is best done after you’ve had some responses to your marketing campaigns. Many times, your target market is a bit different than you assumed, so stay open and examine your list of buyers. Once you’ve found your ideal customer, use the information to buy or to rent a more refined list in the future. Use the information to refine your positioning and your campaign strategy.

Remember that there’s no failure in direct mail marketing, there’s only feedback and refinement of your strategies. If you do these three things and keep fine tuning your strategy, a time will come when your direct mail campaign becomes a guaranteed means of getting new business.


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