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10 Top Marketing Strategies for Solar Companies

Marketing is an uphill battle for solar companies.  While there is a lot of interest and excitement around solar alternatives in general, consumers are relatively resistant to making an investment in solar products.  Effective marketing must overcome the barriers of cost, reliability, complexity, and fear to convert interest into revenue.

Let’s look at how to use the top 10 marketing strategies to address these barriers and create marketing success for your solar company.

1.      Website Development – Solar products are perceived as complex by the general public.  This complexity barrier makes an intuitive, user friendly website crucial to your marketing success.  Keep it simple by offering clear navigation options, layman’s language, easy to follow graphics.

 2.      Blogging – Consumers are looking for information to ease their concerns and motivate them to action.  Providing a compelling blog communicates your message and engages the consumer in your mission.  Consider outsourcing your blog efforts.  Rank Up, a service we offer at MSI, adds a custom Word Press blog to your site and provides regular content with your target audience in mind.

 3.      SEO – Solar products are a hot search topic.  Aligning your keywords and content with the most frequent searches is a winning strategy.  Use natural keywords rather than scientific terminology.  Use your site’s content and video to explain solar alternatives and address reliability concerns.

 4.      Email Marketing – Email marketing, done properly, can overcome consumer inertia.  Consider sending an informative email to a targeted customer list or a thank you email to environmental advocates.

 5.      Paid Search – Google and Facebook offer advertising in a variety of paid search options.  You can offer a promotional discount, sponsor additional links within your listing, or advertise your products through images and present product information directly on the listing page.  This strategy generates qualified leads by giving the consumer information immediately and motivating them to take action.

 6.      Social Media – This is the age of social media.  Environmental issue fan pages are alive with social media activity.  You can leverage this excitement by getting involved.  Offer content and promotions that support the interests of these groups.  Provide links and social media buttons on your site to encourage consumers to engage and connect.

 7.      Direct Mail – Buying solar leads for direct mail campaigns is a good investment.  This warm list can provide solid results when you focus your message to their interests and demographic.  Be sure to include a compelling call to action they can’t resist.

 8.      PR Campaigns – The public is hungry for information about solar products.  The media is open to press releases and PR efforts related to your products.  Use this to educate consumers and establish your company as an industry leader.

 9.      Guerrilla Marketing – What is guerrilla marketing?  It’s using the media in an organic way to market your company.  Things like sponsoring an alternative energy event in your community, donating solar products to a charity or non-profit, or even sponsoring a sports team or local activity establish your company in the public arena and help develop trust between you and the consumer.  Good will media coverage that includes your company provides effective marketing with a low investment.

 10.  Information Products – Don’t overlook information products in your marketing strategy.  You are probably already familiar with case studies and white papers.  While these are effective, balance them with ebooks, webinars and videos designed to reach an average audience.  Highlight the benefits of solar products to the environment or the ease of use.  Overcome the barriers of cost or reliability by giving compelling information anyone can understand comparing solar products with more traditional options.

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